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Welcome to Sundara

Welcome to Sundara my beautiful sister! Sundara in ancient Sanskrit means beautiful which is who we are.

I am Nic, your sacred feminine sister, yogini, mystic, a women of the earth – celebrating and guiding sisters like you to reclaim joy in your body and rekindle your feminine nature through Yin & Soft Flow Yoga, and ancient feminine spiritual practices which are underpinned by nature’s wheel of the year.

I support women through all stages of their lives, helping them find purpose and reconnection to their bodies’ natural rhythms.

We can meet together virtually in your home allowing it to become your nourishing sanctuary and you can also join our active community of women in The Nest, or in person at events and private classes, retreats & workshops in and around Tasmania.

Of course, our home study online learning and signature programs are delivered in person or from your home sanctuary. YOU are at the centre of Sundara, which is based upon slowing down, feeling your sensual flow & softening into life’s rhythms, one breathe at a time.

sundara community

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The Nest is the community of Sundara.  
It's made for women just like you.

For a monthly contribution where you have access to exclusive member content, the wisdom contained in Member blog posts, 24/7 access to a library of pre-recorded Yoga classes, our live Monthly Moon call via Zoom and premium members only offers.

No matter what your goals are, whether it’s to learn more about yourself or strengthen your practice – our plans for The Nest give members instant access to all the content available to our community members.

Sundara’s exclusive community for women, called The Nest, is now open, with special introductory pricing for our founding members.

As a special for our founding members, the price you lock in today will continue for the lifetime of your membership.

signature program

Awaken woman

This very special program is based on womb and feminine philosophy, green witch herbalism, and forgotten ancient feminine practices.

This course supports women to reclaim their natural cycles of living in harmony with nature, as she intended. 

My inspiration comes from having gone through the intense process of healing myself, having grieved through the loss of unborn children, experiencing a disconnect with my menstruation cycle, enduring physical womb trauma, and an acute lack of self-love.

All of the lessons I’ve learned through my very personal process are embed and embodied in this sacred program that integrates everything from cycling with the energies of nature and the moon, plant medicines, yoni reclamation, and reframing Yoga as a means for feminine care. 

Your personality and journey are unique and that’s why I offer the Awaken Woman program combining 6 private 1:1 mentoring sessions, integration practices and access the E learning modules which support your awakening.

Whatever the pathway you choose, Awaken Woman to the Divine Feminine is ready to help you heal, grow and reconnect starting today.


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