a message from nic

Welcome to Sundara

Welcome to Sundara my beautiful sister! Sundara in ancient Sanskrit means beautiful which is who we are. 

I am Nic, your sacred feminine sister, Yogini, Mystic and wise woman – celebrating and guiding sisters like you  to reclaim your body through movement; finding stillness through mindful meditation and connect with nature as the divine goddess you were always destined to be.

We meet together virtually in your home allowing it to become your nourishing sanctuary.

signature program

Awaken The Divine Feminine

The program is based on Feminine Yoga teaching, Green Witch herbalism and the mystical – noting it’s not religious or Wican in nature, nor does it politicise feminine awakening.

My inspiration comes from my plant teachers, my mystical school of learning, Wild Enchantress Yoga and Spiritual teachers built up over years of practice, meditation and reflection.


Our Virtual Yoga Studio offers regular online Yoga classes classes with some casual offerings in Yin, Meditation and Hatha Flow.
Sundara provides spiritual growth and feminine alchemy mentoring in signature 1:1 programs designed to elevate your purpose, keep you aligned and divinely in flow with your feminine nature. 

Body friendly. Sister friendly. Woman friendly.