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Strength & Grace

Yoga Flow for Women @ the Blue Lotus, 3378 Huon Highway Franklin. Thursdays from 945am

Strength & Grace : Yoga Flow for Women

Yoga is more than the eye see’s. It is a feeling practice. Especially potent when exploring our bodies through the doorway to the heart/womb,  the breathe, the hips, the length and space, the expansion and contraction is this vital and as women, one of our greatest opportunities for self connection. It doesn’t mean we are weak to do so.

Women are not linear structures. We are not designed for a world where the over reliance upon masculine energy, culture and systems force us to think we aren’t meant to spiral, to flow, to ebb to peak, to shine and to experience shadow.

Like a women’s innate composition, Yoga the system is complex and misunderstood.

Yoga is often packaged to the west as a form of activity or marketed in a way which makes you feel, less than or that you are not spiritual enough, or just enough, to learn about it’s path and the health and wellbeing benefits for yourself.

Well, you are seen and held here in any way you wish to be – shape, size or otherwise, as Nic’s teachings are deeply rooted in a balance of Hatha Yoga & Vedic tradition and feminine spirituality practices. And in a real body. Curves, belly and all!

Yoga, Nic’s way explores the practice with you at the centre of the experience, guided always from a place of empowering your body self awareness, love, compassion and kindness.

Yoga is more than movement

The Sundara Strength and Grace Yoga Terms will support you to develop a deeper relationship with your body, her capacity and ultimately prepare you for home practice – Yoga off the mat.

Inspiration for this term/structure approach is fueled from deep within the realms of tradition, yet in a way which gently build’s your confidence, and empowers you to start, or rekindle time in your schedule for yourself. The benefit too, is we build community, together. We progress together. We meet together. We learn and grow, as women.

In addition, my teaching philosophy is based upon fusing my 10 years of teaching experience, Yin, Hatha & Vedic Pranayama Teacher trainings, hosting international and Australian Yoga retreats, ashram life and practices including green witchery.

The Teaching values embody the following:

 Slow: The feminine is not to rush, its to move with your seasons. It’s tuning in and listening to your body which supports subtle prana (lifeforce energy) in the body, and it also supports you to re-calibrate your nervous system

Soften: The feminine is not striving (like to reach a pose). All of our bodies are different. Tension in your body manifests stress when you don’t and attempting asana without awareness or from a place of exercise, or competition causes harm. Surrendering into your now, your body so that you experience both strength and grace, the abundance of harmony.

Sensuality: The feminine isn’t angular or linear. Yet mostly yoga poses to the eye have a focus upon alignment. We balance this with feeling deeply and surrendering into your heart, your curves and exploring deeper than the physical, with pranayam, meditation, Nidra and Mudra. 

What to expect

Below is a sample class from our Lunar Woman Course

Strength & Grace : Yoga Flow for Women

Is for you if
  • desire a deeper connection with your body from a place of feeling
  • you crave self care which supports your body and mind to self regulate
  • you have a curiosity about “yoga” and haven’t found the right teacher who is authentic, practiced and “real” bodied
  • you feel a calling toward re-balancing your masculine, especially if you feel you have been doing, working, striving too much for others and have neglected your feminine essence
  • you just want to and it feels great in your body

Strength and Grace: Yoga Flow for women isn’t for you is you want to “stretch” or view Yoga as a form of activity or exercise, or if you enjoy strong dynamic movement asana such as those taught in overly masculine centred styles. I offer 1:1 Private Yoga for advancing students, novices and those wishing to deepen their practice.

But first, some boundaries and fine print...


Awaken the Divine Feminine Program

Awaken the Divine Feminine Signature Program - Sundara.Yoga

The power of our sacred force is often misunderstood. We are all connected by our energetic archetype and our moon cycle and no matter the stage of your life’s rhythm, it’s important to seek wisdom that is birthed from nature.

This yearning to resonate with nature, beyond western traditions and the material realm.

Release the shackles of tradition and discover a deeper more fulfilling connection to your feminine cycles, through plant medicines, moon cycles, sacral through Yoni awakening and ritual.

Our Location

Blue Lotus 3378 Huon Highway Franklin, 7113. Contact Jessica, Manager, for venue enquiries 

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Nicole Wood, Sundara Yoga, is based in Lymington. Contact Nic for class enquiries.

M 0447 403 590 E [email protected]


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