The Yoni, our sacred gateway


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of our Yoni and understanding more about our Pelvic bowl


A portal between worlds…

The Yoni. Our Sacred Gateway Yoni is the Sanskrit name for our vagina. And means “sacred gateway”. It’s a garden that hosts life and births creativity and also is provides pleasure. Unlike the male reproductive system. This divine space is considered to be a portal between worlds

Based upon Tantric philisophy, which is both a spiritual and can be a sensuality practice, is intended to invoke awareness to the light & chakra body, or the magic that we all are beyond the masks and layers we wear.

As with many tantric exercises this is an intimacy practice in connecting to our source/divine nature.

In the beginning

Take things slowly as you learn more about the mechanics of our Pelvic Bowl and in further topics, personal reclamation practices. Without a base line knowledge, the later can be futile.

So we start this journey with is exploring our bodies and in a safe and private way, to understand all that she can teach us through learning how to honour yourself, to awaken creativity, pleasure, senstuality, and to ultimately support your divine true self, the Wild, Wise, Maiden & Mother to be heard and to Awaken



You may not immediately identify with your Yoni as a tomb of creative force. She may hold pain and residue. You may have a bleed that is angry. Your orgasims may be blocked. Your sacral may be crying out for joyous, playful creative flow.

Are there immediately any trauma responses or discomfort that comes to mind when you relate to your “womb space”. Reflet upon this. Perhpas journal your WOMB story through timelining the significant moments in your “womb’s” life that you want to re-claim.

For example, I started with the way in which my menstruation began, my age, how I felt, and progressively mapped my own story including significant dates/times in my life cycle of my Archetypal & personal reclamation which included everything from grief and loss of my unborn children, sexual trauma, abortions, significant relationships with men where I traded safety for my own authenticity, marriage breakdown, why I “faked” orgasim, and now as I enter peri menopause, another layer of transition. 

These reflections can be super empowering and spacious, difficult, traumatic and all of the emotions rolled into one AHH HAAA.

I very much honour you, and witness you in your self reflection activity


Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the introduction into the Yoni and the Pelvic floor as we prepare you to relaim your sacred space


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