The Seasons and The Elements, connecting with our natural rythmn


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of nature, seasons and elements.


As nature cycles, so do we, Cycling as nature does

We are so interwoven with the rhythms of the natural world when we strip down to our raw state. The issue is that hormonal birth control, toxic food and complete imbalance of stress hormones has thrown our systems off course. Women in this society do not count the days of their cycle by looking up at the moon, and it is a shame because this lunar energy so profoundly influences our emotional, and chemical fluctuations. (We learn more on Lunar Energy in Module 2). To recognize that all of life is our reflection, is the practice of true feminine embodiment. Every element is our teacher and presents to us, the opportunity to grow more aligned and more attuned with our essence As does nature, so do we.

The seasons

The moon (Module 2)

The elements

Whether you bleed or not, whether you track your cycle as it relates to the lunar or not, you will slowly with this work start to track and feel your energy as its waxes and wanes with the lunar. If you are pushing and striving all of the time you are naturally out of cycle with the natural rhythms of the earth.

The elements and seasons, are natures teachers. Our teachers. Any by tuning into the subtle energy we can really gain such flow, growth, freedom, expression, love, knowing that the great mother earth and all of her teachers support us, we just have to ask, and tune inward to understanding each of the her gifts.


You may not immediately identify with natures cycles energetically. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. What is your instinct. Which season are you drawn ? Why

As for the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, like the seasons they are our constant companions. Which do you least identify with. Why?


Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the connection to the subtle, yet ever-present energies as we cycle, as a mother does.


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