The Moon and the Lunar Cycles: her Energy


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This topic relates to the Moon and her significance and an introduction to the Lunar cycles



There is a logical and a spiritual side to the Moon!

Think of the lunar cycles as the energetic side to your menstruation cycle. 

Yet,  I am a believer in the energy of the lunar and what she can offer us. Yet, as the moon relates to our cycle, its a little bit of a myth. 

It is not about the alignment, it is about the syncronicity.

To be in sync with the moon does not mean your menstruation cycle  has to line up with say the new moon, meaning you bleed when the moon is dark, or you ovulate with the moon is full. It just means you are tuned into what each phases alignment means for you. However you align is perfect!

The Moon is a reference point, can be especially useful for those of us with inconsistent or non existent menstral cycles as we still have hormonal fluctuations and other symytoms of the cycle. By using the moon as our anchor we can track patterns and if you are bleeding, over lay this with the cycle of the moon. For example, Day 1 of your cycle is your bleed, the new moon can be our Day 1 as a grounder, if we aren’t bleeding and have crossed the threshold into Wise Woman.

The Moon is an influence as we are affected by the Moons pull, the tide, given our bodies are made up of 70% water as is the earth. 

The Moon is a mirror so to we feel the shifts in the weather and our moods wax and wane, from a rainy day to a sunny one and all in between. We vary in sensitivity between night and day, shifts in seasons. It is obvious when we sit and connect, the energy of the dark night, is reflective and introspective (dark moon/new moon) and the day is external and light filled, like the full moon in vitality.

The Moon is a teacher. As you learn how to adapt a self care practice and even planning your business actions, around the energies of the moon and even (the seasons). For example, as we learnt in module 1, the Seasons, think of your wellness business if you have a heart centred business, what would happen if you hustled for new clients around the change in season /Yule of winter – if you planted seeds in the soil and launched new products, like seeds, nothing may grow as the soil isn’t ready! Where the growth happens in say winter is beneath the surface, spending time in incubation, reflecting and planning for your SPRRING time evolution! The energy of the Dark Moon is winter energy which is why we set intentions and reflect during this time.


I hope that you can find comfort and guidance in the mystery of the moon. Our relationship with the moon is unique and individual. Next full moon, sit in the comfort of the light, “the light in the night” and journal how you feel, what comes up. 


Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the connection to the subtle, yet ever-present energies as we cycle and connect with the energies and phases of the Moon!


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