Tantra, Shakti & Womb Yoga an energetic, feminine perspective on Yoga


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power Tantra, Shakti and Womb Yoga, as a concept for feminine energy & founded in the tradition of Yoga.


Reframing Yoga from the Feminine

“Yoga” was written by the masculine.

My intention here is to help you open the layers of awareness that relate to particular feminine energies and practices and that invoke them. That way you can receive their gifts.

Yoga is originally a male practice and many asanas (postures) and movement sequences are tailored to the (youthful) male body. Especially the cyclical aspect of our female being, as well as its physical needs, have not been taken into account here, let alone our unique body and circumstances.

Dynamic yoga asana styles, such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, can also trigger additional pressure to perform. In today’s meritocracy, many women are already under pressure think that they have to achieve and earn as much as men do, while at the same time feeling responsible for the household and family (creation).

Our yoga practice should therefore not increase these feelings, but rather defuse it.

In addition, skip forward the the modern Yogi “gurus” and yogacelebraties in particular Bikram Chowdry (Bikram Yoga) , Pattobi Jois (Ashtanga Yoga) and BKS Iyengar (Iyengar Yoga), “fathers” of the practice, yet also claimed power over their students in ways that caused great harm including sexual & emotional abuse.  The inbuilt systems of Yoga are not about abuse of power or to create linear structures & practices which are so demanding and unattainable that competition and performance favour the masculine encoded energies of to win, beat, strive, to do better at any cost, come at a price. We only have to look simply at the deeper layers of this relationship to energy, as a woman and divine female shakti to understand how completely dis-empowering this state is for the feminine.

Feminine Energy & Yoga 

Feminine yoga is a way of practicing yoga that corresponds to the female body and adapts to its circumstances. It relates to the individual needs of women, depending on what their body and psyche needs. Instead of practicing yoga at the same intensity throughout the your moon  & lifecycle, we learn to listen and adapt our yoga practice to the different phases of the cycle. In addition, we can specifically use yoga to counteract hormonal imbalance and resulting problems, to come back to rest and to return to our own desires and needs. We find deceleration in a masculine-dominated society by reconsidering the power of femininity.

Shakti Tantra Path

As we have learnt, Yoga is oneness, to YOKE. Yoni also means home, or place of rest. So this perspective is underpinned by the Tantric tradition loosely translated as reaching your spiritual “enlightenment” through connecting with your energy and your feminine force. Yoni being the gateway (Womb) and Yoga oneness. One at peace, or integration with our womb space, and thus our feminine energetic force.

Tantra Yoga is about connecting with your own energy to establish a deeper understanding of yourself , a moving meditation, and Shakti Tantra Path also helps up to realise that the world is filled with divine energy – Shakti, female energy.

Learning about this is complex, ancient and somewhat twisted in perspective and story. In framing this work, I have decided for these lessons to draw inspiration from a central source, from the teachings of Sally Kempton, in her work on Awakening Shakti, and Deity Yoga.


Have you researched Bikram Yoga. What rises for you if you have. What does this mean for your Yoga practice.

Are their elements of your yoga practice that you may now reflect upon and reject because they are not aligned with the feminine. Will you choose a teacher who is.



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