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Knowing your parts and simple nutritional care

This information is not new to us. For many of us, what we learnt in PE or Health Class at a young age did not stick. As it was likely to be overly conservative introduction by church/state, it was plain, un-empathetic sciencey stuff taught from the perspective of instilling preventative measures. It was also likely focused upon only our sexual organs for the purpose of delaying reproduction, or for woman, immediately introducing us to the concept of contraception. 

Through simple practices including breast examination, tracking your cycle (I use both the Cycles Journal by Rachael Amber and and APP called Flow), as well as infusing my body with nutrition when I need to, taking rest, or pleasuring, it is completely a personal journey. Yet one thing is for sure, 

when you embark on the journey to better know and understand your body and dive deeper into your menstruation cycle, you listen to your body and work out for yourself, how it flows, it is truly empowering.
Breast Examination

Do you have a relationship with your breasts from a place of loving their softness, their gifts, their texture. And were you taught how to massage and self exam and at what stage of your cycle? Here are the basics of breast examination from a place of reframing this connection as they, after all protect your heart.

  • Cocunut Oil and Lavender Clary Sage are beautiful medicines to apply when conducting a self examination. It is best to exam 2-3 days following your menstruation, into your Luteal Phase.
  • Make note of any bumbs, lumps, visual change, pain and textural changes
  • Lay on your R side and raise your left arm above your head
  • Use the pads of your 3 fingers as you gently massage with your oil, working your way underneath, around, and into your arm pit (Lympth glands), making small circular motions, then working deeper into the tissue.
  • Switch sides my love
Natural Birth Control

Through learning to follow your bodies cues, and signs, we can tell when we are fertile and when we are not. Synthetic hormones block our ability to naturally track and understand our bodies rhythm, and I understand the personal choice around this. If you feel empowered to delve deeper into natural tracking methods then explore this deeper for yourself (you may feel safer to consult your medical professional, fertility expert and Educator).  I present this information to you from a place of awareness and what has served me to reconnect with my cycle. However, it is somewhat futile if we fail to connect on a deeper level with the mechanics and energetics of our Yoni (Yoni De-armouring Module 3) and Plant Medicines for hormonal support (Plant & Earth Allies Module 4) is especially designed for a holistic view of supporting the awakening of our fullest, and most sacred feminine vitality.  

Fertility Signs from Cervical Mucus 
Taking charge of your fertility, naturally, supports you to work within the natural framework of your body, and it is completely YOUR choice.  It dispells the myth that ovulation always occurs on day 14, or that menstral cycles should be 28 days long. If you are on birth control, your clock is influenced by the hormone replacement rather than your naturally occuring energy. A relatively straight forward way to track your menstral paramaters, specifically your fertile days is through your cervical mucas.  The basics of your discharge include

Sensation/Texture/Colour and Stretch

>the more stretchy, luberative and clear the more fertile.

>dry, yellowish and not stretchy is less fertile. 

>generally speaking, you are safe for the first 5 day of your cycle


Allow yourself to connect with the sacred heart, perhaps place one hand on your womb, and the other into your heart, to connect slowly with your body and your breathe. How do you feel about reframing this breast examination practice as a means of self devotion and love.?


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