Self Care Practice: Creating a personal altar space & Moon ceremony


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of Crafting your own ceremony space


It is like a moving meditation

The intentional way that you craft your space is showing up for yourself in the present moment, and perhaps calling upon the energies of the ether, the physical elements,  the time of life stages and transitions (birth, death, motherhood, menstruation, maiden to mother, mother to crone) the seasonal changes, the monthly cycles, the Celtic/Pagan Wheel, the Christian or Hindu calenders, whichever your lense,  carving space for yourself (and others if you hold circle or space) is truly nourishing

The intention or purpose for you to hold space and honour your self is truly an act of self love and care.

Crafting personal “ritual”, ceremony, prayer, intention setting, which ever language is comfortable with you, choose this. Whichever is is the fabric of 



which connects us.

In this lesson you will learn how to construct a simple ceremony. The purpose is most important, rather than perfecting the construct . Simple items that you have around the home connect you to the earth. 

Candles, incense, music, drumming, elemental symbolism, flowers, blood, herbs, deity can all be used to support you to raise your vibration and to maximise the impact of your intention. For things to shift, energy and movement must be created. 

In crafting, look and feel what is around you. What is within you. There many many ways to bring into your ceremony,  symbolism and tradition. Here are a few examples of where I craft for myself and others using

  • Ancient symbolism, such as Sigil crafting can be used to activate the power of reclamation
  • Egg shells are a sign of fertility and growth
  • Water which purifies and holds energy, where you fuel your water on the full moon or for maximum vitality on the Summer Solstice
  • Fire shifts with her verocity to create space and growth, fury, anger, rage
  • Herbs and oils for annointment and invocation, have certain active qualities such as Mint for abundance (I have her at my doorway to my house)
  • Colour symbolism in candles, cloth and cotton thread and sybolism for the season change red, orange and gold symbolises the harvest, and shedding for the Autumal Equinox for example. White is for purity. Purple for higher connection. Red for grounding. Black for protection.
  • Salt to the cleanse

There are so much beauty in crafting.

So, in this lesson you will learn 



I offer you this seven fold blessing. You may change the language as you see fit, for your own practice and enquiry. 


My loves, I call in the blessings of the (God/goddess/ great mother) upon me
Blessed by my feet that bring me down this path
Blessed be my knees that support me before you
Blessed be my sexuality that honours life
Blessed be my heart that holds me true to my path
Blessed be my lips that speak sacred words from my womb of creativity
Blessed be my eyes that see the beauty in nature
BLessed be my mind that seeks the wisdom and knowledge of the (God/goddess/greatmother)



Your course material is ready to download, enjoy your ceremony and crafting practice


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