Ritual & Ceremony: Intentional practice, Offerings & Earth Altars


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of Crafting ceremony for self care


Crafting for self care

There is magik in ritual. 

The circle is always open but never broken. Ever evolving. Like a seed into the fertile, warm soil, watering your roots down, showing you how to flower.  It is on these quiet, fertile spaces that exploration and listening connects you to your source. Ceremony crafting is a way of truly integrating and exploring your TRUTH and connection to source as you reflect upon all you leave learnt, re-learnt, reframed and remembered as it relates to your own Awakening of the Divine Feminine.  

I view crafting as beautiful way to connect with one or all of these wonderful aspects to the feminine. You can adapt ceremony to honour you,

  • Embracing the feminine archetypes, HER-story, your story.
  • Embracing the cyclic nature of your being in connection to the elements.
  • Embracing the cycles of life as you bleed or no longer. These internal tides of woman. For entering Menopause, for entering bleed time. For celebrating child birth. For honouring lost souls of unborn children
  • Embracing the rise and fall, the waxing and waning of the moon.
  • Embracing Deity or goddess in your lineage or belief system
  • Integrating plant medicine wisdom to connect in and invite the loving embrace of your spirit, your ancestors. 

The wilds of nature, our ancestral home.

And when we craft a sacred space, it  doesn’t have to be complicated. It is the intention that is truly the most important.

It is a reflection of you honouring you.

In this lesson you will be introduced to my personal practices including: 



Have you unconsciously crafted a ritual or ceremony for yourself without giving it a label? 

Are their elements in your existing practices which you would like to expand upon further?

Consider this. You are a living altar. Handcraft a personal mantra for yourself as you journey along the road toward awakening to your wildest, greatest power. Words carry power. What words can you cling to when the storm comes. Harvest your words, in free form. Before you begin your ceremony crafting…Here are my prompts

I am the (priestess, goodess, archetype, your words as appropiate) of…..

I am calling in….

I am building my temple for…. 

This is my year and I will…..

Find a short phrase and hold this close to your heart. Imagine this is encripted deep within your flesh and bones. Every time you speak it, you are enacting a ritual of coming home to yourself, owning your value, your voice and engaging in the practice of personal alchemy. Write these words in your sacred journal, or design a symbol (sigil magik ! Yas), on a piece of fabric, and house it in a wild place to all to see. May a little girl find it and tuck it in her dress. And keep it close. And so it be. 

(Inspiration from Danielle Dulsky, The Holy Wild, A heathen bible for the untamed woman). 

I share with you my personal extract of my power. I thankyou for being witness. My love

” I am the priestess of wild places, of oceans, streams and forrests. I call in the fullness of me, as I embrace and embody to my fullest capacity, my story of grief so that my deserving nature is seen in a way that supports my sensual, abundant, feminine power…..”




Your course material is ready to download, enjoy your ceremony and crafting 


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