Reclamation Practices: Self Care (Massage, Yoni Eggs, Wands, Menstrual Cups) the Jaw & throat


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of our voice and an introduction to Yoni Reclamation Self Care Practices


Yoni De-armouring

Yoni dearmouring is a practice very similar to pelvic floor mapping in which a woman is exploring the response and reaction to different areas of her Yoni. As with many tantric exercises this is an intimacy practice in connecting to our source/divine nature. When we can remember that we are divinity manifest, we can shed the layers of shame with much more ease.

The underlying idea is that Yoni develops a protection mechanism because of the way it she often the receiver of force, rejection and pain. This protection is a way of numbing and blocking out all she has been subjected to. 

In this lesson and future lessons you will learn in bite sized pieces, basic dearmouring practices which have been taught to me and form part of my rhythm. Some practices take time to connect with where as others, you intergrate with instantly. Regardless of where you are at in your bleeding years, or non bleeding year, this work is for every woman regardless of their cycle stage

Dearmouring ! It sounds like we are at war with our Vaginas! Some of us may feel this because of sexual trauma, birth trauma, PMS, grief, and so forth. It is my wish to offer you this perspective as a holistic way to support shedding your shame, pain, increasing your pleasure and to live with connection & harmony to your divine feminine vitality.

Yoni Eggs, Wands and Menstral Cups

The choice is for all woman to embrace, or not. These practices and tools may be new to you, regardless, allow your self to demystify their use. We can reclaim these sacred cycles by becoming interested and informed in having conversations about the natural more sustainable ways to support our cycles and our unique bodies. 

In summary

Yoni Eggs are semi precious stones carved into the shape of eggs that can be inserted your womb space for vaginal wall tightening and energetic cleansing

Yoni Wand is used to give yourself a yoni massage, especially useful once you have conducted your Pelvic Floor Mapping. Unlike yoni eggs, you still have contact with the crystal while it’s inside of you—making the wand a powerful tool for working with yourself and your pressure (or) pleasure points

Yoni Cup is a reusable soft silicone cup worn internally like a tampon that collects, instead of absorb, your flow. It stays in place by creating a seal between the cup and your vaginal wall. Once your cup is filled, you simply empty, rinse, and reinsert the cup for another 8 hours of protection. Using Yoni cups as a one off purchase bewtween $25-45, is easy to clean, non toxic, no chance of TSS, no more “plugging” up you space, rather you can physically see, feel and use your blood for other means, if you choose!

You are more powerful than you think, when you see, feel and experience your cycle and your body in this way.


What is your immediate response when you see images of Yoni Eggs and Wands ? What arises for you?

If you are a bleeding woman, have you been introduced to sustainable menstruation products, such as Yoni Cups?. 

Take a moment to think about products you may use when you bleed, do you use them because  thats what you started with you like them. As you honour your body, you can also honour the earth, by making different choices. The average menstruator spends $150-300 per year on hygiene products.



Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the introduction into the concept of Yoni De-armouring Practices, including Primal Toning – connecting your voice and your cervix.


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