Reclamation Practice: The Pelvic floor and Pelvic floor Mapping


Workbook Reference

This topic relates to Awakening to the power of our Pelvic Floor and the self care practice of Pelvic Floor Mapping (PFM)


Pelvic Floor health is important for our wellbeing

This is about working from the Root. The Core. I ask you to sit deep within your own floor, the root of your womanhood. You have amazing potential to heal, create, to transform your own energy, yet travelling through this terrain of feminine healing in this way can be confronting.

I present this information from the perspective of supporting you to understand a hands on approach to feeling your pelvic floor, to quantify things like elasticity, pain and muscle function. From there, I overlay this with work inspired by Tammi Lyn Kent, Wild Feminine, honing in upon any tension points that you experience through your touch map. 

In PFM you insert your fingers into your vagina (your course materials provide a basic introduction) into the 4 quadrants of your Pelvic Floor. You use your two finger pads to gently feel inside your “bowl” and document feelings and sensations that present.

Later, as we move through the module, (sequentially) this builds further topics where you will learn additional reclamation practices to support you to release tension, experience pleasure, and physically have a subtle and strong pelvic floor.

If self touch (and not with the intention to reach climax or to self pleasure) are new to you, then you may like to start with gently introducing touch into your self care routine. As we learnt in breast examination, reframe this concept (which is not masturbation) but rather a means to further surrender into your feminine essence.   


How do you feel about gently and lovingly touching yourself? What arises for you?

Consider lightly touching your body with soft flowing movements. Starting at the arms, moving onto your tummy, legs and then face, chest and breasts. Connect now with your first two fingers on your hand. Massage them with beautiful oil, devour them, and move onto your hands. Lovingly connect with your hands and place them upon your womb space. Feel the sensations. And freedom and if you feel comfortable start to softly explore the inside of your bowl. (These two finger pads will become your guides and your tools as you conduct your Pelvic Floor Mapping). 


Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the introduction into the concept of Pelvic Floor Mapping.

*A special note, if you feel you are not ready for this practice, or have trauma in this area, listen to what you are actually ready for. This is not intended as medical advise*


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