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The Planet was always seen as female…

The planet was seen as female. Mother Earth. Mother God worship, & fertility dates back 25-35,000 years. Then female healer  and witch hunts to name one. And, then the rise of exclusion, collusion, religion based upon worship of God. There are many examples of lingering evidence of archetype in stories, paintings, literature, and sacred stories of the feminine.

These were usually dismissed as mere fertility figures by both male and female scholars. Notable mentions are of Venus of Villendorf, a tiny 3 inch female figure from clay, she was found in the 19th C where European Victorian Male society prevailed, proving that goddess worship/female strength is older than god/male worship. Unfortunately, with the influx of Christian & political rise of control & greed, were changed to worship the masculine and in the process, true essence was lost. Another example generalised for the purpose of ease of translation is ‘Venuses”, a group name given to ancient goddesses from the Paleolithic era where sites are many, throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, France, Spain and Greece.

Rewriting HER Story

So, the general assumption was that “fertility magic” is linked to the concept of “goddess worship”. Gradually Palaeolithic goddess symbolism was transformed into Neolithic Earth Goddess worship to fit with the complex human needs surrounding the later socialism, agricultural and urban forms of community, when animals and nature references were more prevalent.

So, following the this, fertility magic/goddess worship was seen as evil and unholy, worship of the ancient mother, the elements, the seasons, the crone, and ‘goddess’ in popular term, was replaced with father, son, and god etc. And, now, the rise of systems which supress, kill, punish, and banish, anything to do with ‘earth’ or feminine energy or feminine “magik”.

You only have to look at history when medicine & “folk” woman, commoners, were burnt at the stake for practising “witchcraft”. And now modern popular culture has ‘demonised” the witch, as evil and something to be feared, yet a simple interpretation of “green witchery” as the aspects of the divine as united, the creative forces of nature are revered, and or with the god and goddess archetype symbolising all of the universal materials and energies which all existence comes from, through the use of herbal medicines and healing.

Not separate, Interwoven & integrated



Based in nature

How evil is that? It’s time to Reframe.

It’s time to Reclaim

Is there any wonder we have stopped passing on the ancient traditions, like weaving, handicrafts, sourcing, nourishing aligned to the moon, and supporting one another in community.

And Now…

Skip forward into the 21st century, anything “spiritual” is seen as weak, wrong or unconventional. The system we are faced with has shut us down and we’ve traded our creativity for competition.

As a result, we have given up on our true nature, as a woman, to create, experience divine sexuality and feel free to experience our energy as it relates to nature. Is there any wonder we feel tired, depleted, unsatisfied, edgy, exhausted, or weird? We’ve also traded out our self-care practices especially around our menstruation and our bleed time and menopause, and even for the quality of work we do for others.

The reclaiming the story NOW, is nourishment, especially supportive as in the next lesson we immerse and connect with the Archetypal energies of our selves. The Wild, Wise, Mother, and Maiden awaiting to be heard. Like for my grandmother and her mother, I fear they were not. So work on a personal level has supported me to honour and reclaim not only my physical DNA, but the entire energetics of ME.



What are you ready to reclaim?

Perhaps start with YOUR story. Your lineage research. Sit and talk with your mother, your sisters, your aunts perhaps. Re-connect the story for your daughters and grand-daughters. Research your own ancestral path. Remember, we are the sisters and survivors of the witches who didn’t burn. We owe this to them

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