Plant Medicines, our herbal allies for feminine support


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of reframing our relationship with plants, and learning about 9 beautiful medicines (herbs) for feminine vitality


Reframing our relationship with this medicine

Plants & the natural world do not exist to be USED

Plants & the natural world teach us about their VIBRATION

They teach us so that we can remember it in OURSELVES

Just like intuition, it cannot be taught, it has to be rememered.

One of the key foundtations or principles of this work is sensory tuning in

We can begin to tune our sensory receptivity through a practice of self trust. When something stands out to us – instead of immediately assuming that our gut perception of significance must be validated, we might consider journaling and listening to our inner wisdom before trying to “check” or assuming that someone knows better. After we give ourselves a moment to observe our instinctual response, then we might affirm our knowing through correspondences, books, oracle cards or any other way in which you scry for truth.

When we integrate in this way, “teachers” are all around us, including plants. 

My lense

The way we treat the natural world is a direct reflection of the disconnection. Could it be about patriarchy, loss of the true feminine and natures witches? We only have to look into history to see and explore that woman have recognised the scared family of our plants and animal relatives. We are family. Here to support and nourish one another. For this reason, I view the plants as teacher, so I don’t “use them” or “abuse them”. I always have a gratitude practice toward them and an offering practice to rebalance the earth.

Dive into learning about 9 beautiful plants as herbal allies

Learn a brief introduction into 


You may immediately identify for some of this energy of these medicines. It is my wish that you delve deeper into finding your own unique relationship with them.  There is much to learn about the world of herbal allies and this is just the surface. (Perhaps this may spark further enquiry or study into ACM, herbalism or Aurevyda? 

As you start to integrate further, perhaps consider going for a wander through your local bush, nursery, garden centre or local market. Observe what is there. What medicines are around you?. (I fossiked for hours in the Australian bush for tea tree and ecalyptus). Start with a small pot of patch of your favourite medicine. Sage, Thyme, Parsley, Mint, Basil. Mark your “crossing” over at the door.  Smell. Feel. Injest. Sit with your plants. Meditate with them. Ask them for support. 

Lovingly craft your  pots. Sage for clearing, Mint for abundance and Thyme for Protection. Then understand the medicine qualities. Mint family boosts immunity…. 

My personal poetry prayer for manifesting with nature and plant medicine

I honour you in this exchange. It is my blessing for you as your undertake this journey. I see you and I walk side by side

Spirits of nature, Mother Moon, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon. To my /your ancestors, past present and future. To the Wise woman Crone of the North and Winters embrace, to the Maiden goddesses to the east where the air is soft and playful, let the firey heat of the Mother to the South create new growth. Let us together embrace the western waters of intuition and emotion, hold us Wild enchantress, for she, you, all of us are present to the medicine of the elements. I/we honour you.

In this breathe, I move through the earth today. May I bring tranquility to all that I touch. May my actions heal pain and soothe anger. May I create joy and balance as I walk the path of the green, earth goddess. May I call you in to support me today wise ones, in the rise and fall of the moon, the tides the earth, the seasons in the days, weeks and years ahead.

I am thankful for your beautiful abundant blessings as I start to work with your medicine. 

Always in








Welcome home Earth (insert your name, and the cycle of life or direction of the circle you feel most called to name)


Nic x

Earth Wild Enchantress


Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the introduction into Plant Medicines including where to source your medicines if you cannot grow your own.


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