Our Menstruation Cycle and the Lunar Energies


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of our menstruation cycle and the Moon/Lunar cycles


Maximising your potential around the Lunar and your menstruation

What is a normal cycle? That is a key question. What is normal to you, will be different to another sister. And unless you are connecting to the entire “Yoni” as a sacred vessel, you may be missing the opportunity to tap into your incredible and true nature.

Our Uterus, our reproductive organ, (our tubes, our ovaries, our uterus, our cervix, our “Yoni)” is magnificent as she represents a link to the cycles within us (blood flow, release) and it’s made up of energy. (We learn more about self care practices relating to Yoni De-armouring in Module 3).

It’s not just a system to create and birth life. It also gives us pleasure and pain. Think about it, our menstrual cycle represents life and decay, high, low, ebb and flow. It serves as an internal reminder alongside the moon, that we cyclic in nature. We are one of those spinning wheels of life, and tis time we embrace within us.

As we/I am on a mission to support woman to love themselves deeper, and become the best versions of them/ourselves, in tune with our magic and one with the flow is significant.  And of course there is the shadow side of our feminine. 

The darkness. 

The blood. 

The lifeforce. 

The potency.

There is more to us than the bleed time. 


Is this is something that you suffer through each month with dread, or is your cycle a source of inspiration and energy for you?

Do you understand the basic physicality of your cycle. Were you taught? 

How were you introduced to your first bleed and by whom? 

What is your relationship to your bleed time? 

Do you plug her up?

Does she cause you pain?. 

Do you know your fertile days?. 

Do you prepare for strong egg reproduction or a smooth and enjoyable bleed? 

Not sure. That’s ok too


Your lesson material is available for download. Remember your journal. Take your time. Sink in.


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