Module Reflection

Reflections my loves....

Now that you have immersed yourself in the container of “the feminism of the soul”, turn your minds eye back to when you commenced your journey, when you sat with your self and reflected upon your base line wellness and your intentions for this work.

Take some time to anchor in and ask….

What were your intentions for this work at the beginning of your journey? What has shifted for you?

What new awareness now lives and breathes within your consciousness?

An idea may be to 

Return to your base line wellness check-in and reflect upon the self assessment that you conducted at the beginning of your journey…how do you feel now?.  For example if you rated a disconnection to your overall health and wellbeing, and after completing your immersion you feel a sense of vitality returning, then this is your nectar! The change that is within you.  Through completing this short re-spiral back to your beginning may provide the magik of awareness for you around what has been rewired, re-learned or changed for you

And reflect upon the objectives of this module. Have you scratched the surface?

The objectives of this module

Congratulations my love for leaping in!

A final word of gratitude from Nic

Sister, we have just scratched the surface here. We will be learning, growing and expanding our awareness of feminine MAGICK for eternity and still barely encompass the POWER.

My highest hope and intention is that these tools, information and awareness will help to begin your examination of your own soulscape. I hope that from this work you will recognize the abundant creative force that you are.

I hope that you will develop your own rituals, practices, potions and deepen your learning and share them with me.

Sister, our work together has just begun.

Please know that you are eternally held in this Sundara sisterhood.

Wildest blessings,


Nic x

Continue your journey

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