Journalling and Reflection


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This topic relates to Awaken Module 5 Final Reflections and Journal Prompts Assignment

The Journalling for Self-Care Guide can be used for reference if you are new to journalling as a practice.

Anchoring in.

As one of the oldest forms of self-help in the world, journaling is about exploring one’s own thoughts, feelings, impulses, memories, goals, and hidden desires through the written word.

Journaling and writing intuitively from the heart is a form of creative, emotional & intuitive expression. Curating a journaling practice to see your words, feel into them is one way to tune into your patterns especially as it relates to your deepest thoughts and feelings in any one give moment.

Now that you have immersed yourself into the world of Feminine & Deity Yoga, it’s time to reflect, feel and ground in.


Whilst this reflection is yours, and yours alone, remember, their is no one path, or no right or wrong. Step into the power of your intuition, call upon your dark moon/new moon energy, call upon your menstruation time to journal. Your Crone. I ask this to witness you. Rather than to critique. For this is about support and nourishment, so that you are able to express your heart in a way that feels, right.


Your Journalling prompts are available in the materials section, and when you are ready to be witnessed, submit your reflection in the assignment section (to not be graded, no pass or fail) rather a process of support for your reclamation.

This journalling guide may be useful for you if journalling is new to your practice

Sundara Wild Wise and Free Journalling for Self Care compressed

When you are ready, reflect upon these journalling prompts and submit your reflections in the assignment section

Journal Prompts Module 5 Yoga (Deity & Womb), Yoga Philosphy


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