Grounding in


Reflection is a large part of this reclamation practice. Without establishing your intentions for this work, and baseline of “wellness” at the beginning of your immersion, may not provide you with the wisdom the look back, following the completion of the immersion, what has changed, what has risen, what have you been prompted into delving deeper into.  So, this includes supporting your “mind, body and soul” with reflecting upon these components of your being…..

  • Diet: Nutrient dense foods, including plants
  • Sleep (quality and duration)
  • Self-care that lifts your vitality & supports connection such as yoga, walking, ritual, meditation, movement, that is YIN in nature
  • Water intake & herbal intake
  • Sacred Feminine Expression and connection to womb, Yoni Care. Creativity through arts, movement, crafting
Without a baseline, and without an aspiration, we can hardly begin to apply the learnings of this work so that you can truly see and experience your potential.
Download the Pre Discovery and Reflections Guide that you will find in the course materials sections and journal your base line wellbeing checkin and craft your intentions. Following your self reflection, please submit your intentions in the assignment section (it is not graded or scored), but rather acts as a means to honour you and for you to witnessed. You are not alone dear sister, in this safe and confidential container.

Pre Discovery and Journalling Activity

Following your reflections, please submit your intentions for this work, a short description, in the assignment section, so that you may be witnessed and truly honoured.


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