Essential Oils, Crystals and Incense, our allies for feminine support


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of Essential Oils, Crystals and Incense.


Working with Oils and Crystals

The power of crystal and essential oil healing is that each carries a unique vibration. The vibrations that these medicines can hold can realign and re-calibrate your energy with theirs, helping you to raise your vibration and reach a higher state of being

Yet not all crystals or oils speak to us. Of course, use your intuition, your sense, your perception and feel what is right for you.

When working with these medicines, the same principle as with our plant allies applies, and that is sensory tuning in.

And the source is impactful to the vibration which is why when sourcing, feel into the supplier and do your homework. I have my personal recommendations contained with the resource material.

For example, did you know you can craft your own smudge/clearing and incense from the natural environment around you. (The essence of green witchery crafting/honouring/blessing/offerings back to the earth, everything in “harmony”) such as accessing that which is around you, and as close to source or organica. 

My personal favourite homecrafted incense is a delicious blend of dried mugwort, rosemary and garden sage, dried and finely blended together, and burnt over charcoal in my abalone shell. The shell was a gift from my soul love who knows an abalone diver fisherman, straight from source. Shells are symbolism of mothers womb, are distinctly feminine and represent birth, fertility.

I offer the energetic interpertation and how I integrate their use for the following allies:


You may immediately identify for some of these medicines.  It is my wish that you delve deeper into finding your own unique relationship with them.  There is much to learn about the world of oils and crystals. Seek the support of a Geo Junkie or an Aromathepast?

And rememer your prayer for manifesting with nature and plant and now earth medicines. Perhaps you feel called to craft your own.? 

Spirits of nature, Mother Moon, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon…..

I am thankful for your beautiful abundant blessings as I start to work with your medicine. 

Always in….

Welcome home Earth Wild Enchantress


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