Archetypes: Maiden/Virgin, Mother, Wild/Enchantress, Wise/Crone


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This topic relates to Awakening and reclaiming your feminine Archetypes.



Awaken the Wise, Wild, Maiden & Mother energy in you

Discover the real power of feminine energy archetype as a means for reclamation and remembering.

Of the many female archetypes that move through us, and to context this work, there are four that most women will more fully embody, during each lunar month, and also throughout the stages of our evolution from birth/child/maiden/ virgin (prior to menstruation and sexual maturity) right through to mother and the Crone, the wise years of  the woman. 

These are:





Moving into understanding and meeting the shifting faces of your inner archetypes is an act of rebellion against this linear march in only one direction. And once we come to terms with our non linear imprints, DNA, natural energy, we are able to meet “all” of our feminine archetypes with more awareness.

By embracing each archetype, you’ll begin to see how her particular energy is currently manifesting within you. Or how its emergence is being stifled, especially during the phase of life, including the menstrual, the lunar and sexual maturity.

These energies are desperate to be released, embodied and expressed.

Here is an example

Woman whose archetypal ‘Mother’ energies are expressed so strongly when they enter actual motherhood that having a child of their own occurs. Often, what happens, is that because of this, (and life’s pressures, and living inside systems which do not naturally empower and support “feminine energy needs”), this leaves little time or space for the other archetypes to emerge, thrive, be witnessed, felt heard embodied.


Your inner ‘Maiden/Virgin’ is all but abandoned.

The girl with freedom to connect and create gets lost, causing a whole heap of frustration, plus painful feelings of disempowerment, loss & grief which are shadows of the Maiden.

All the while, their Wild Woman/‘Enchantress’ has been so crowded out, that these strong, capable women become impatient and quick to anger.

So, the easy, unconscious and collective desertion of these vital aspects of self can end up creating such huge gaps between who we are, and who we need to be.

And then we don’t know how to fix them.

But by tuning into these archetypal energies when they emerge (and especially when they don’t), we tune more deeply into our own cyclic nature as women. We get to take a plain look at who we are, and the parts of us we are missing.

Women can cycle through the archetypes every single day, through each menstrual and/or lunar month, and also through the wider context of a whole life.

It’s easy not to embrace this, But if you can learn to recognise and encourage the emergence of each archetype you’ll get to celebrate these aspects of yourself, instead of fearing, ignoring or denying them. That’s reclamation dear sister!


Now, some time for reflection.

What is your instinct, your WOLF, energy, of the archetype that you feel (perhaps without even knowing her) you are most in connection with? Who is the least?

For example,

Does the mother bring forward feelings associated with love or loss. Grief or nourishment.

Does the crone bring forward feelings associated with depletion, death, forgotten, unseen or something else. Numbness is also a feeling!


Your course materials are ready for download and further exploration, into the glorious world of our divine feminine archetype.

Enjoy the discovery. Enjoy your reclamation. Enjoy your time without judgement or thinking, there is any wrong or right way to experience the energy. It is subtle.

It takes time.

It takes practice.

And so it be


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