Apothecary, Home Crafting Tinctures and beautiful products for feminine support


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This topic relates to Awakening to the power of crafting and brewing your own medicines including tinctures, facial and body & tea products


Crafting at home, is self care

Green Witch ?

You are the sister to the wolf and friend to the hawk. You know in your heart the language of the plants and the songs of the wind. You have an innate connection to the wild edges. You know the beauty of the bee in flight, and hear the call of freedom on the horizon. And yet, as you go through your day today, it may be easy to miss the drumcall of the Earth.

The Green Witch embraces nature by drawing on the energies from the earth and of untamed things.

She communes with the land, with stones and gems. She relies on plants, flowers and herbs. She calls to nature for guidance and respects every living being.

She is the true definition of nature relatedness

The Green Witch understands that the earth incorporates the planet and all living things upon it, including animals, plants, and people. She understands that humanity impacts the natural world , not only by how we treat it but also by the feelings and energies of individuals.

You ask permission from any plants or animals you wish to partner with. Saying thank you, then leaving offerings when harvesting herbs 


Lets bring this all together now that we learnt the basics of plant medicines and how you have unlimited potential to integrate them within your practice. 

Crafting in your own kitchen.

Preparing your space

Setting your intentions when you work with a brew of a potion. It’s not only fun to experiment, and play (this is where I call forward and bring into my cauldron, my inner maiden/virgin)

In this topic you will learn to craft (including recipes) for:-


How do you feel when you reflect upon the words describing the Green Witch? What rises for you. Do you feel YAS, or is this uncomfortable for you to read?. Sit further with the concept of nature relatedness and green witchery. I like to reflect upon this is the “fire” or rage or discomfort is dropping in, this is the message from ancestor, wise ones, we are the survivors of the “witches” who didn’t burn. Blessed be beautiful.


Your course material is ready to download, enjoy the introduction into home crafting! It has changed my life!


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