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New Moon Aries – Fire and Action + my 12 month journey to self

The Nest New Moon Gathering for April 2022 is inspired by super charging our heart and getting into the depths of what fires us

Dear Sisters

It’s a beautiful time, this. Depending upon your perspective, we are entering a a couple of cycles energetically. I read that this new moon, the season of Aries, marks in Astrology the start of the new year. And in feminine spirituality and the Wheel of the Year, we have just entered, in the North, Ostara, the spring a time for rebirth.

Both are significant don’t you think? And equally for sisters in the South, you will no doubt start to feel the shifts around you, the day’s becoming shorter and the leaves changing or even falling. Again beautiful symbolism for what needs to fall away.

Monthly Moon Call – Aries for action, and stepping forward

Aries represents the FIRE, within us. The charge. The internal will. The “thing” that sits in the pit of your tummy and ignites your heart. Yep that thing.Sundara Yoga - Alchemy - Meditation - Yoga

If you have been meaningfulling crafting your intentions each cycle, you may already be clear upon that that purpose/vision/new thing is and this Aries energy supports us to act and put “it” things into place.

However, as we know, the “thing” wont activate, unless you also exchange/empty out your pot. Like really really dig in and get to bottom of your shadows, the distractions, the “things” which move you away from delivering that  thing, living that life, being that person, changing that career and so forth.

Aries asks us to sinc our vision with action and use this power to stoke the creative fire, so we can. It feels like unrealized potential.

I can’t wait to share more of this ritual with you, to support you to get clear upon that VISION, and to share more with you about my own soul 12 month journey to self on 1 April 2022, this new moon and the start of a BIG shifts. And LAY THE DISTRACTIONS DOWN TO REST through release.

Lets dive into the teachings shall we sisters!


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