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Monthly Moon Call – The Solstice, Facing our selves

Solstice Teachings where we have the standing still. Are you ready

Welcome to the Solstice

A turning point for the Earth.

And for us, if we choose. I share with you, in the following meditation and practice, the void, the space the place where the sun stops, (almost)!

For this, you will need



  1. A comfortable space
  2. Something to cleanse and clear your space
  3. Representation of each of the elements (for more detailed guidance on ceremony crafting and ritual, join our E Learning Short Course(or work with Nic 1:1 ),
  4. Journal & writing instrument
  5. Fire symbol

Ground in and find your breathe, and your body and welcome to the teachings of a journey to the self, where we face a significant turning point the wheel fo the year, our seasonal Calender and our nature. This time also represents the welcoming in of the Capricorn New Moon, potent time too for establishing a relationship with our soul – the sea watering goat, of both worlds.

For the full teachings, including the written teachings and video practice, you can access your Nest Community Portal.

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