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Monthly Moon Call -Summer Solstice Fire

The Nest New Moon Gathering for 27 May 2022 s inspired by the Gemini energies !

Dear Sisters

The longest day is here, the summer solstice, for vitality and celebration of pranic life force giving energy, we express an outward, glow, a becoming. Our energy is often joyous, fertile and hot! Yet we also know that as the sun fades and the days become shorter, our energy will wane. As nature does

And, the shortest day is also here, the winter solstice, for readying of what is to become, for reflection and introspection and death, knowing that as the solar energy builds in capacity, as the days become longer, we too will reap – but only if we dig in and do the inner work.

The teachings of the SOL – the Sun. The teachings of nature.

The Sun moves into Cancer at the same time as the Solstice.

This seasons energy allows us to tap into our heart centres, and feel the love we are surrounded by. It helps us to experience courage, compassion and strength. We are able to stand up for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the life that we desire.

I share with you, in the following ceremony, the gifts of the Summer Season where I take you on a journey of unravelling.

For this, you will need (optional of course):

  1. A comfortable space
  2. Something to cleanse and clear your space
  3. Representation of each of the elements (for more detailed guidance on ceremony crafting and ritual, join our E Learning Short Course(or work with Nic 1:1 )
  4. A fire proof bowl
  5. Journal & writing instrument
  6. Essential Oil + carrier oil (for the season – eg Lavender, Wild Orange, Oregano, Rose)
  7. 5 candles each representing the SOLAR cross and the directions

Ground in and find your breathe and welcome to the teachings of the solstice! You can also visit the Sundara Blog where we introduce you to the Wheel of the Year and Living with nature.


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