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Monthly Moon Call -Leo Ceremony for your hearts truth

The Nest New Moon Gathering for 27 May 2022 s inspired by the Gemini energies !

Dear Sisters

Welcome the expressive, nourishisng, courageous, loyal power of the lioness. Leo.

The New moon as a teacher is journeying with us so that we FREE ourselves from limitation and begin in a way that is true to our heart.

This energy allows us to tap into our heart centres, and feel the love we are surrounded by. It helps us to feel deeply into our true heart’s desire so that we can show up, in our truest most powerful and expressive version of ourselves.

I share with you, in the following ceremony, the gifts of Leo, the fire essence while ultimately connects us with our heart in a ceremony I call “weaving our true essence” where I take you on a journey of both living our your trues heart expression and letting go of the components which don’t align with the fullest fulfillment of Leo’s heart felt self.

For this, you will need (optional of course):

  1. A comfortable space
  2. Something to cleanse and clear your space
  3. Representation of each of the elements (for more detailed guidance on ceremony crafting and ritual, join our E Learning Short Course(or work with Nic 1:1 )
  4. 3 pieces of string of equal lengths
  5. Journal & writing instrument
  6. Essential Oil + carrier oil (for the season – I am using Rose oil)

Ground in and find your breathe and welcome to the teachings of Leo. You can also visit the Sundara Blog where we introduce you to the Wheel of the Year and Living with nature.



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