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Monthly Moon Call Energetic Touch and Sitting with emotion

The Nest New Moon Gathering for May 2022 s inspired by the Lunar Eclipse and feeling the feminine energies

Dear Sisters

With the second new moon (Taurus), a partial solar eclipse, the change in rolling forward of the wheel of the year, and an upcoming Lunar Eclipse on May 15/16 2022, this energy check in is for you if you are feeling a little disconnected to your body, feeling the agitations of daily life and really just need a re-set.

Monthly Moon Call – Energetic touch & feeling emotion self care ceremony

Sitting with ourselves, our truth self is hard. The shadows are often avoided because they are edges where we don’t often feel safe to venture toward. In this energy of the Taurus new moon, she asks us to look at beauty and appearances from the perspective of wealth and abundance, rather than from a place of shame and depletion. Yet the edges of the archetypal energy of the BULL can be stubborn and fierce, so its this resistance we may experience when we shine the light upon “beauty” & appearances. It’s also a message to stay grounded and in alignment with the soul self, like living out out values in a way that is harmonious.

And for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, it is this energy, the feminine energy which magnifies our emotions, our intuition, our readiness to feel all the things, like a portal open to show us what needs to been.

For this self care ceremony you will need:

  1. Items to clear your space such as palo santo, whit sage, copal or your choice of herbs
  2. An item to adorn your body with (such as a feather or a flower from your garden)
  3. Your choice of essential oil
  4. Your diary/journal
  5. Create the space if you cast your altar
  6. A comfortable place to retreat for 60 minutes – craft and curate the space as you see fit


I can’t wait to share more of this ritual with you, to support you to connect with your body and your emotions through guided self care ritual of gentle touch, sitting with emotion and meditation. The heart womb line especially and the relationship to experiencing self touch and eventually shifting emotion held stagnant and blocked with the body.

Lets dive into the teachings shall we sisters!


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