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Monthly Full Moon Call – Cultivating Saatva, Ashram Life and Energy Update

Solstice Teachings where we have the standing still. Are you ready

Welcome to the Full Moon in Virgo

Weve passed through the Leo energy of confidence, yet I am still feeling the need to explore this practically as the energy moves into Virgo.

Plus it’s a special offering this month, as my first offering LIVE from my Yoga Ashram immersion.

Leo reminds us to be ourselves and show up as the person to the world with confidence, passion and courage, and Vir go, the divine earthly sign, of precision and care and loving nourishing, means we are drawn in my opinion toward cultivating balance.

In this Full Moon Class, I muse about my Ashram experience, offer you insight into Sadhana, and how to cultivate a Saatvic balance.

For our time together you will need an hour or so – you will be best served to prepare

  1. A comfortable space
  2. Something to cleanse and clear your area such as incense or palo santo
  3. Representation of each of the elements (for more detailed guidance on ceremony crafting and ritual, join our E Learning Short Course(or work with Nic 1:1 ),
  4. Journal & writing instrument
  5. Yoga mat and comfortable clothes
  6. Your oracle cards (optional)

Remember you already know the answers, take a deep breathe and remember who you are.

I suggest also cleansing and clearing, shifting energies that which doesn’t serve your heart, prior to your manifestation under the Full Moon, and perhpas even reference last years – to see how far you have grown in devotional practice for yourself

For the full teachings, including the written teachings and video practice, you can access your Nest Community Portal.



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