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Monthly Moon Call -September Libra: for Harmony & Balance

The Nest New Moon Gathering under the Libra energy is about balance and harmony.

Dear Sisters

Welcome the Air sign, and Venus, the beautiful, playful, energy of Libra. For Balance and Harmony. For releationship reflection. For leaning into your heart.

The New moon as a teacher is journeying with us so that we feel in the divine feminine essence of partnership in all aspects of our self.

This energy allows us to tap into the Spring energy or the Autumn Energy as we’ve welcomed in the Equinox. Regardless, this archetypal energy opens doors to connection – both in our external world and our internal world.

I share with you, in the following meditation and practice, the gifts of Libra.

For this, you will need

  1. A comfortable space
  2. Something to cleanse and clear your space
  3. Representation of each of the elements (for more detailed guidance on ceremony crafting and ritual, join our E Learning Short Course(or work with Nic 1:1 ), specifically working with Air (add Earth, Fire Water Ether)
  4. Journal & writing instrument
  5. Your Oracle deck or cards
  6. Essential Oil + carrier oil (for the season – I am using Lavender for the self and the heart)

Ground in and find your breathe, and your body and welcome to the teachings of Libra.



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