Hips and our emotional wellbeing

Psoas and hip health, being a big player in our emotional wellbeing. Whilst there are Yoga asana to lengthen and open, learn how a holistic Yoga practice can provide freedom for your hips ! Stress can be a major factor but there can be relief !

A note to myself

My Yoga – finding my path Dear external world. I needed to move energy today as I was feeling stuck and worried and irritated, I chose a beautiful Vinyasa inspired by my mentor and goddess teacher Carrie Anne Fields from www.myhealthyoga.com. Carrie reminds me to remain in my body, and to use my body in […]

Yin Sights

Regaining our Feminine Power True energetic Union. When our energy is in balance it is a joyous and uplifting experience, but how often do we really allow ourselves as women to feel and experience our true nature? Yin (our divine feminine) and Yang (our divine masculine) cannot exist or co-exist without each other.  When thought […]