❤️ Love Balance and Yoga❤️

Yoga isn’t about flexibility. At least in a traditional sense. The difference is when we cultivate a sense of love in life, the question we should ask when starting a Yoga practice is what do I seek from my practice. So many people come to the practice  and approach it from a physical level “I […]

Hips and our emotional wellbeing

Psoas and hip health, being a big player in our emotional wellbeing. Whilst there are Yoga asana to lengthen and open, learn how a holistic Yoga practice can provide freedom for your hips ! Stress can be a major factor but there can be relief !

Ahimsa in Asana and life

The practice of finding self love, acceptance and freedom is not all about Yogasana! Asana, only 1/8 of our practice, but why are we so obsessed with advancing in physical form. If we take this back a step and reflect on the wisdom offered in Putanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, this may well have you thinking about […]