Weaving Connection Winter Solstice Women's Gathering

Weaving Connection Winter Solstice Women's Gathering

The Winter is a powerful time in our life cycle where natures rhythm, decays, and slows down, but also, of readiness of what is to become. Of nature. And of us.

Learning how to tune into yourself, as nature intended, along side her teachings, weaves a life that is nothing less than beautiful.

Yet, with going about our everyday existence paying little attention to what is happening in the natural realm we find our feminine nature diminishing – we are tired, restless, we lack connection with ourselves and yearn for connection with community and others. Our nervous systems are in fight response as we have most likely lost our way, forgetting how to best navigate and flourish, alongside nature, in this busy world.

So, this Winter Weaving Gathering, curated upon the values of softness, slowing down and sacred self will support you to find the spark within, akin to rekindling your sacred hunger for connection, rest, nourishment and self care.


some yoga movement (no Yoga tights necessary), movement which is spiralling, womb & heart activating

guided journey meditations

fire ceremony of grief and gratitude,

personal nature craft activity (no skill needed!)

nourishing offering of vegetarian lunch, tea, cacao, intuitive card messages and more.

It’s an early afternoon gathering of women, to move, breathe, journal, feast, to journey, to create, to share, in a beautiful old Apple House, an old Gallery, in Cygnet country, south east Tasmania, just down the road from Cygnet’s cafes, antique stores and galleries.

Why not make it a weekend getaway with the girls?

Space is limited to 11 sisters, and payment in full secures your place.


What To Expect

You are a woman craving your time, self care and connection with nature, her energies and other women

During our Winter Weaving connections gathering, we celebrate the symbolism of life’s seasonal change where we will join together in circle, offering our intentions and surrendering for a few hours of early afternoon self care and nourishment.

Nic will guide you gently and with kindness through:

  • An opening circle of the earth, honouring the widsom of the season of winter and her energies
  • Personal guided practice including womb yoga (learn Mudra & Pranayam) to open your heart/womb line and to support nervous system re-calibration
  • a guided journey into the archetypes of the season (winter & the crone) to allow your connection to your innate soul self, including muladahara (root) and svatisthana (sacral) chakra activation with chant and sound
  • journalling to prepare for our sacred woman Grief, Gratitude & Weaving Ceremony
  • Altar, cacao and offerings
  • a mini craft /weaving activity, (no skill needed), just an open heart and sense of wild curiosity
  • A serving of soul warming root vegetables and cooked grains, a feast together lovingly prepared in my green witch home kitchen (vegetarian)

Where and When


Gallery (old Apple Store)

5 Garthfield Avenue, Cygnet, Tasmania

(We regret that this is a non refundable non transferable event, please contact Nic if you have any questions)




What to bring and what to wear

Please ensure you are warm!. Wear something that feels nourishing for you, in your flow and holds you (there is no weight bearing or standing yoga asana movement that requires yoga wear) so think layers of comfort and warmth.

Please bring with you:

  • Your own mat and personal blanket for warmth
  • Anything which makes you feel comfortable (cushions, bolsters)
  • A journal and something to write with
  • An item for our community gathering altar – bring something with you which symbolises gratitude or simply, something from the earth (an elemental source from earth, air, fire, water, or the ether). Small in size and something you can leave which will be offered to the earth on the Solstice 20-22 June at Nic’s private residence where she has an earth altar and fire ceremony
  • You may like to bring a weaving project (crochet, knitting or crafting) as we will have time to craft (optional)



Starts: 17 June, 2023 11:30 am
Ends: 17 June, 2023 2:00 pm


$: 88.00


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