The Lunar Woman

Learn feminine practices to align with the moon and natures cycles. This is for you woman, if

  • you desire a deeper connection with the natural world
  • you crave self care which supports your body and mind to self regulate
  • you have a curiosity about the lunar, yet are confused about how to practice
  • you feel a calling toward re-balancing your masculine, especially if you feel you have been doing, working, striving too much for others and have neglected your feminine essence
  • you just want to, and it feels great in your body

In this self paced container, you will get immediate access, to:

+ Learn the 4 key components of the Lunar Phases (Moon Phases) and the energetics of the seasons AND practical strategies to implement new aligned actions, to cycle along side nature

+ receive 5 video teachings (Yoga, Meditation or Ritual practice) & 4 Audio meditations  to align with each of the Seasons and Moon Phases

+ integration and reflective journal practices



The Lunar women – Feminine practices to align with the moon and the seasons

Our virtual studio offers on demand streaming via our Nest Community, self paced learning courses, live classes and workshops for women in feminine yoga, meditation, and herbalism and feminine embodyment.

Sundara provides spiritual growth and feminine alchemy mentoring in signature 1:1 programs for women and Yoga teachers designed to elevate your purpose, keep you aligned and divinely in flow with your feminine nature. 

For Women. Body friendly. Self Empowerment.


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