The Lunar Woman

Learn feminine practices to align with the moon and natures cycles. This is for you woman, if

  • you desire a deeper connection with the natural world
  • you crave self care which supports your body and mind to self regulate
  • you have a curiosity about the lunar, yet are confused about how to practice
  • you feel a calling toward re-balancing your masculine, especially if you feel you have been doing, working, striving too much for others and have neglected your feminine essence
  • you just want to, and it feels great in your body

In this self paced container, you will get immediate access, to:

+ Learn the 4 key components of the Lunar Phases (Moon Phases) and the energetics of the seasons AND practical strategies to implement new aligned actions, to cycle along side nature

+ receive 5 video teachings (Yoga, Meditation or Ritual practice) & 4 Audio meditations  to align with each of the Seasons and Moon Phases

+ integration and reflective journal practices



The Lunar women – Feminine practices to align with the moon and the seasons


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