Glow UP 1 Hour Intensive for Yoga Teachers

Includes 1 x 60 minute GLOW Up for Yoga and Meditation Teachers

You will gain the confidence and build practical actions to support your teaching journey. These are tailored according to your stage of teaching whether you are a new or existing teacher desiring to grow, feel less overwhelmed or just needing inspiration and a re-set. Importantly, you are empowered to choose your support based upon your stage of growth, investment appetite and time.

The support looks like:

  • Supporting you to define your teaching purpose and support to understand your unique teaching strengths and what you need to feel fulfilled
  • Retreat and or Workshop planning
  • Social Media Planning (messaging, scheduling, FB and Insta) so you are in flow and not a slave to the social machine
  • Teacher Tech (the basics of mailing lists such as Mailchimp, Websites, Filming equipment, FB Pages and Insta Pages)
  • Getting your message out – Your branding, Content, Defining your audience and using your message/voice
  • Theming & class Planning, your way, so you dont feel like an imposter
  • Any combination of these, you let me know!

Delivered via Zoom, remote streaming, or if in a physical location, by arrangement. You will require a device, an open heart and your readiness to dive in. Includes your 1:1 guidance, (support material of applicable), a recording of your session + a bonus guided meditation in session, for the purpose of integration


Our virtual studio offers on demand streaming via our Nest Community, self paced learning courses, live classes and workshops for women in feminine yoga, meditation, and herbalism and feminine embodyment.

Sundara provides spiritual growth and feminine alchemy mentoring in signature 1:1 programs for women and Yoga teachers designed to elevate your purpose, keep you aligned and divinely in flow with your feminine nature. 

For Women. Body friendly. Self Empowerment.


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