Awakening the Divine Feminine: Full Program Online

Self-paced e-Learning course undertaken in your own time, online through this website, with no face-to-face components or attendance required.

This program is designed to peak your interest as you take with you what reasonates, and develop skills and insights to practice your own Sacred Divine Feminine. It’s a program that is based upon the teachings of feminine yoga, the green witch/herbalism and the mystical, noting it is not religious or wican in nature, nor is it driven from a place of politicising feminine awakening. I draw my inspiration from my plant teachers, nature based spirituality practices Feminine Yoga and digging deep into the soils of self awareness. These teachings are fully integrated into my life, and built up over years of wisdom seeking and applying my own learnings as a means to transform my own life.



Awakening the Divine Feminine: Full Program Online

All 6 Awakening the Divine Feminine immersion program modules.


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