Awakening the Divine Feminine 1:1: Full Program

A 6 part immersion program, 6 hours of support delivered personally and exclusively for you.

This program is designed to peak your interest as you take with you what reasonates, and develop skills and insights to practice your own Sacred Divine Feminine. It’s a program that is based upon the teachings of feminine yoga, the green witch/herbalism and the mystical, noting it is not religious or wican in nature, nor is it driven from a place of politicising feminine awakening. I draw my inspiration from my plant teachers, my mystical school of learning, Wild Enchantress, Yoga, and spiritual teachers, built up over years of wisdom seeking and applying my own learnings as a means to transform my own life.


Your Awakening the Divine feminine includes:

  • 6 x 60 minutes of 1:1 private time delivered via Zoom, ideally each fortnight. (*If you are participating via Zoom, you will need a reliable internet connection, and establish a sacred, quiet space with which to work)
  • Each theme has a different module, six in total. The modules are bite sized brews to inspire and awaken your sense of inquiry
  • Each module/session will include 45 minutes of wisdom sharing and 15 minutes of guided meditation used to anchor this theme
  • You will receive a beautiful Wombook, including recipes, rituals, and journaling activities to support you through the program
  • It is highly recommended that you reflect and complete your journaling actions between sessions to maximise your discovery as self inquiry through silence, personal experience and feeling your body, being present, is essential

Our virtual studio offers on demand streaming via our Nest Community, self paced learning courses, live classes and workshops for women in feminine yoga, meditation, and herbalism and feminine embodyment.

Sundara provides spiritual growth and feminine alchemy mentoring in signature 1:1 programs for women and Yoga teachers designed to elevate your purpose, keep you aligned and divinely in flow with your feminine nature. 

For Women. Body friendly. Self Empowerment.


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