Private 1:1 Movement and breathe medicine

Experience the freedom of 1:1 movement & breathe medicine 

New To Yoga and don’t know where to start? Or don’t feel comfortable in a group Yoga setting?  Already a Yogi and want to practice deeper? Then this is for you sister, yogi, woman.

You like the flexibility to practice Yoga in your home around your life and commitments, or prefer the connection that working one to one can provide. 

Personalised movement and breathe medicine may be what your soul craves.

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Private Yoga is designed specifically with your needs in mind. These beautiful personal sessions include my widsom, handouts and your video recording – everything you will need to explore the power of 1 to 1 student teacher time which is one of the most effective ways to experience the deeper, connected personal growth that Yoga can provide.

Here is a sample of your class plan! 

Delivered as Virtual offerings from the ease of your home. The sessions are personal, with adjustments and modifications and visual instruction. Includes class plans and bonus video recording

There are a number of value add packages available:-

Introduction Yoga 1:1 – Show Up, Rise, Take Flight

This is a unique experience. Curious about Yoga. Not sure where to start. You have to start somewhere and this exclusive, private and safe way to learn the Yoga basics, to allow you the confidence to continue your Yoga practice at home and in the studio setting. Learn Yoga Philosophy, learn about the connection between Asana (postures) and breathe techniques (Pranayama), learn a structured set of asanas, where I guide you and deconstruct each asana in a way that makes sense for your body. Ideally over a 4 week (same time and day) over this period your exclusive program includes

  • An exclusive booking of 1×90 min and 3 x 60 min sessions
  • Asana (posture) plans for each class for home practice
  • Yoga Fundamentals workbook/handout
  • A Virtual unedited copy of your video/Zoom class
$399 Buy Now

Delve Deeper – Maintain your movement or breathe practice!

Includes x 3 60 minute sessions completely tailored for you. This package could include discovery, meditation, asana designed for your unique needs, energy work, pranayama, Yogic philosophy and meditation. This is a great package to establish or progress your home practice, to delve deeper into creating a positive impact on your personal Yoga or Breathe meditation practice. I will provide structure for you to provide the tools you need to take your yoga off the mat. Continuing this practice on a regular basis means your vibration naturally changes and you continue to feed and nurture your body with lifeforce prana.

$285 Buy Now

Express Movement or Breathe Medicine

Includes 1 x 60 minute session, time poor, or seeking a guided practice 1:1

$99 Buy Now

You  will gain the confidence to practice and take your Yoga home, back to the studio and back into your life. 

In person is delivered via Zoom, remote streaming, or if in a physical location, by arrangement.

Connect with me if you would like more details or to arrange your time. The technology required is a device, an internet connection and an open heart of course. You get to see me as I do you. 

Nic x

«Just wanted to say thanks. A lot of stuff has been coming up for me and I really needed that today to reground myself. Have a great week……. Ms K, from Queensland, Australia, May 2020»

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Sample General Hatha Class


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