Private One To One Yoga

Experience the freedom of 1:1 movement & breathe medicine

Private Feminine Yoga Instruction at Home

Now you can practice Yoga in your own home, around your life and commitments with your own personal instructor.

Our personalised Private 1:1 programs may be what your soul is craving.

Maybe you are new to Yoga and don’t know where to start?  Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable in a group Yoga setting.  You could also be a Yogi seeking deeper practice.  If so, we are here for you Sister, Yogi, Woman.

Deeper, connected, Personal Growth.

Private Yoga for Women is designed specifically with your needs in mind. These beautiful personal sessions include my wisdom, handouts and your video recording – everything you will need to experience the deeper, connected personal growth that Yoga can provide. 

Home delivered through your internet-connected device, these 1:1 instruction sessions allow for individualised tuition based on your needs. 


Let's Evolve Together

Yoga Packages delivered by Zoom, remote streaming or locally by arrangement.
You will need a device connected to the internet, along with your open heart.
You get to see me, as I do you.


Show Up, Rise, Take Flight

If you are curious about Women’s Yoga but sure where to start this course gives you somewhere to start and an exclusive, private and safe way to learn the Yoga basics centred around the needs of women.

Designed to provide confidence at home or in the studio, you will learn Yoga Philosophy and the connection between Asana (postures) breathe techniques (Pranayama) and subtle body practices such as meditation & energy centres. I will impart a structured set of deconstructed Asanas, with guided instruction that makes sense for your body.

This course is ideally run over 4-weeks (same time and day).  Each participant receives.

Get this package for just $300


Maintain your practice

Regular Yoga practice will naturally lift your vibration, feeding and nurturing your body with lifeforce Prana.

You can customise the delve deeper package with tailored elements to establish or progress your home practice.

I provide structure and the tools you need to delve deeper into your Yoga or Breath Meditation practice and take your Yoga off the mat.

You can incorporate elements from: Meditation, Personalised Asana, Energy Work, Pranayama, Yogic Philosophy.

Get this package for just $214


Personal Coaching

Sundara Yoga 1:1 Coaching

Specifically designed for busy people wanting guided 1:1 practice.

Gain confidence to take your Yoga home, back to he studio and back into your life.

Each session is delivered via Zoom or locally by arrangement.


Express Clinic $75


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