Yoni Reclamation – Awaken your sacred gateway

Your Sacred Gateway & Yoni Healing

As we speak about the Vagina Our Vagina

Our gateway

I ask you to consider your sacredness. A tomb. Of. Great. Power. A place of growth.

An artists colony of creation

Immediately, what is your reaction.

How do you feel, what sensations rise, are you comfortable with the concept of deepening your relationship with this ‘garden’ or does it rise other feelings such as shame, fear, trauma, pain

Say the words, ‘Vagina’ out loud…. AHHHH.

In honoring the sacred space of the pelvic bowl we bear witness to the essence of creation, creative potential, to the birthing of all of our potential of and for the nourishment of the whole. The pelvic bowl is an energetic pool of possibility, of relationship, of connection and of soul wisdom. This space is of this essence energetically whether the organ tissue of reproductive organs is present or not.

Before we begin, lets acknowledge that this work is deeply personal and

Regardless of where your are on the spectrum, ( it is a cycle not a linear journey) know you are held and are safe to explore these teachings at your own pace, with space and time and privacy and grace. 

Taking this slow, 

And allowing the vibrations and exploration filter, deep within your flesh, your bones, your blood, is enough to start the reclamation cycle. 

Now is your time.

In this module, you will reclaim YOUR relationship with you sacred gateway and learn self care practices to support you further


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