Plant and Earth Medicines, our allies

Earth Mothers unite...

I see trees as mothers, their yoni’s, breasts and full trunks, that provide shade, a canopy of love, and nourishing support.

Traditionally a healer or someone who made tonics, drugs, home crafted medicines, to dispense is now the modern day Chemist or Pharmacy, for its history is deeply grounded in earth and folk traditions. Apothecary.

This perspective, is drawn from the folk teachings, rather than from an Ayureveda (plant science to Yoga) perspective, although at times I do drawn upon this lineage to support my Kapha/Pitta constitution. I am not a trained herbalist or naturopathy, yet I do offer this wisdom from my own experience and the benefits these practices have provided to me.

 The context of this work is working with our plant and earth allies to support female energy and balance. It is important to note that not all of our plant teachers will speak to us, so it is important that you find your own integration with them. Some of this information may not be new to you, where some of the concepts may be.

Before we begin, lets reflect that the plant and earth kingdom is not there to be USED. To truly align with the vibration and essence, we surrender into

As you journey through this world, I hope you enjoy as much as I do, integrating alongside nature. And the great Earth

Keeper of subtle vibrations and whispers, and healing properties.

As such you will learn a little more about the medicines of the earth through learning about 9 herbal allies, oils, & crystals for specific use in:-

Regardless of where your are on the your knowledge of oils, crystals and plants/herbs, think of this if you do work with these medicines, or have knowledge in the area to “reframe” and hone in upon specific medicines to support your unique feminine hormone system and vital life force.


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