Module 1 Remembering Archetypes, Seasons and Elements


Reclaim HERstory, Awaken the Wise, Wild, Maiden and Mother energy within you, the season and elements

We have been squelched and suppressed for generations. We learned of the injustices done unto women as though it was a thing of the past.

We have watched our mothers and grandmothers give up their passions and identity to cater to a system that shuns all things feminine. Anything soft, moist, sticky, crazy or wild is WRONG in this system.

We carry now the suppression of our grandmothers’ mothers mother in our bloodline.

We operate in fight or flight, in our masculine race to the finish line and then wonder why everything in us is screaming out in resistance. We have given up our sexual depths and our birthright to nourish and receive in rhythms with nature.

We numb, self-medicate and surface deep rage from a core we choose not to own.

Of course we are

This system we are surrounded by has shut down our creativity, and traded it for competition. Instead of honouring our need for self-care, we define our worth by the quantity of output we do unto others.

This needs to change. The WOMAN needs to come home. You need to come home.

In this module, you will Remember and reclaim YOUR Story.


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