Lunar Energies and our Menstruation Cycle

Lunar Energies and our Menstruation Cycle

As we speak of blood and the Moon, I ask you to consider your sacredness.

Your body, as the moon does, as the season change, as the sun rises and sets, is also “cycling”.

Emotionally and physically.

This blood, is also a reminder of our cycle of life, the shed and release, the birth and fertility, and it is our most powerful intrinsic cycle we have. Our menstruation cycle.  Our INTERNAL TIDE.

“Nothing beautiful starts life in the light” 

Therefore learning how to tender for our cycle, and our sacred vessel can be challenging, emotional and painful. Yet it is these subtleties of the energy that are often overlooked in favour of “its always just like that”. 


We cycle emotionally & physically as the moon does 

As she waxes (full) and wanes (dark/new) so do we 

As we ovulate we are heightened with sensuality, and abundance in her full illumination

As we enter the luteal phase we should prepare our body for a healthy and nourishing release 

Yet are we truly connected and aware of how to care for our vessel (and therefore) how we can align our energies and our self care to maximise our vitality during this powerful cycle?

The LUNAR CYCLE, the external tide, similarly to the SEASONAL “tides” we learnt about in Module 1. Each of the external “cycles” has a subtle energy about her. As with our menstruation cycle.

We also need support – support from nutrition, and knowing our bodies

And those hormones that manipulate our system and are forcing us to prevent rather than self manage conception and therefore loss of our natural creativity. Turing your self breast examinations into a self care practice, enjoy daily tracking of your cycle so that you an tune into your tide and fuel your body with the nourishment it needs, n

Enjoy getting to know your body is its natural state, as nature intended

It is truly an empowering experience. 


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