Crafting Ceremony & Ritual Practice for Self Care

The Growth and Magik is within you

Ceremony is a Ritual: A time for reflection, releasing, calling in, whatever your heart desires….

What makes a ritual that, is that we have an intention.

We are conscious. We form. We honour. We are in the space, here and now.

Ceremony can be a celebration as well, or a ritual of personal care, whichever use this time as a sacred investment in your soul rising and igniting your feminine.

Ceremony and crafting dates back to our ancient wisdom keepers as we only have to look at how we “gather” today to re-remember what has come before us.

I view ceremony as a person ritual of care, and a sacred investment in your wellbeing, health and happiness.

Reframing Ritual

You only to turn to history to look at the evolution of ceremony and ritual , celebrated and used for everything from sun/moon worship, menstruation, marriage, birth, death, devotion and all in between.

If we think about the concept of “ritual”, lets remove the association of sacrifice or the dark arts. A ritual is a sequence of activities which could involve gestures, words, actions, objects according to a set time or sequence or event.

Now, think about how many “rituals” you could craft for yourself.

Each month? Each Day. Each Season. Each Moon cycle. Each Year. The list is endless.

Overlay this with the softness of feminine awakening and it is truly a self care practice of giving love to yourself, rather than giving yourself to someone else, or something.

So, crafting a ceremony as an act of care, is a ritual. Nothing to be fearful of or judged for. Some examples of ritual activities may include:

Now that you have the context of “Ritual and Ceremony”, I invite you to create your own sacred path based upon the ancient principles and contempoary practices. Using the elements, the cycles of the moon, calling into your heart your spirit, deities, ancestors, god/goddess, whichever you invision to be your calling.

I feel truly blessed to be able to hold space in this way for you as we delve deeper into this topic where you will learn a little on

Crafting your sacred space is like a moving meditation.

Enjoy the journey.


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