A Feminine approach to Yoga: Philosophy & Practice

Reframing Yoga for Feminine Energy

I invite you now to set aside everything you think you may know about yoga, its history, and its practice, and its present forms and lineages.

Consider as I present effectively yoga as a means to live in freedom: to welcome joy, vitality, comfort and courage into daily lives that may seem to have no space left for peace.

And now, allow your awareness to be open to the experience of yogic wisdom not simply living within you, but being inspired by the natural rhythms of your own physicality as a woman.

Consciousness of yoga is in your body now.

Before we begin, a brief context of Yoga. It is complex and there are too many interpretations to cover all of the philisophy and Sutras, yet for the purpose of articulating Yoga as a means for self realisation I present for you this.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is both an ancient and modern way of life, its essence is purely in spirituality. Yoga is a quest to explore oneself by way of uniting the physical self through the emotional/mental self to the spiritual self. Yoga is a ritualistic expression of body through posture and asana; a devotion of one’s heart to the principle of love and an adaptation of one’s existence to live one’s truth. With commitment to one’s yoga path, a merging with one’s soul and God/Goddess essence occurs

Yoga is a total health science that developed in India thousands of years ago. Yoga is the oldest system that interlinks body, mind and spirit for complete healing and personal development, and has had many evolutions in its ancient texts from the Yoga scriptures in the Bhagavida to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the basis of Hatha Yoga. Yet what we often overlook is that what we “see” or ‘identify” yoga to be in the western world is lulemon active wear, young usually thin white women, practising physically in yoga postures (asana) which are more like circus acts than Yoga. (If you are interested in learning deeper about Yoga from the perspective of Philisophy and Patanjali’s 8 limbs, including a instruction on 25 Yoga asanas,  I offer a Yoga Fundamentals Program Yoga 1:1

Yoga is more than Asana or physical movement

As we delve deeper into our soul self and true being, we being to understand that we are one, that we cannot exist as a spirit without the integration of all things in Yoga.  The 8 limbs when practiced dependently or independently can have spiritual, physical, metaphysical and emotional benefits. The 8 limbs are described below:

Now that you have the context of ” Yoga” meaning YOKE, that is integration fully of mind body and spirit, how do you feel about the yoga practice now.? In short, Yoga prepares the body to sit for longer periods of time to reach integration, asorbption, and along the way we can experience many physical, emotional and energetic shifts. The essence of Shakti energy, that lives within all of us, is the feminine spark, yet she often lay’s dorment (we call this Kundalini) and can rise and awaken with opening and deeper awareness. We practice yoga asana and pranayama for example in Womb Yoga (the energy of the womb) to support us to raise our vibration and support awakening. 

Yoga can be subtle. Yoga can be highly physical. Yoga is all of these things, yet without the awareness of the holistic teachings that modern Yoga often dismisses, let me ask you this

Are you practicising “yoga” without the feeling of something larger than you?

Are you practicsing “yoga” if you have a physical practice, like asana only?

Yoga is the oldest system that interlinks body, mind and spirit for complete healing and personal development, whilst originating in India on the 2500 BC ( I don’t like the reference to christ, but anyway), this is just a reference for a point in time.

I feel truly blessed to be able to hold space in this way for you as we delve deeper.

In this lesson you will learn

It makes it easier to bleed when you are connected to your Womb

It makes it easier to orgasim when you are connected to your womb

It makes it easier to connect with “goddess”, deity, spirit, and your kundalini when you are connected to your womb

It makes to easier to meet other woman as divine shaki encoded physical beings when you are connected to your womb, rather than experiencing competition or judgement.

Divine source lives and breathes within you

Enjoy the journey.


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