Module 2: The Lunar Moon, energies and menstruation

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I am Nic, your sacred feminine sister, yogini, mystic and wise woman, wild woman, celebrating and guiding sisters like you to reclaim your essence of true feminine. I fuse my love of nature, mother earth and teachings in Feminine Yoga and Feminine Alchemy practices to support you to better integrate your with your energy, especially as you shift, change and cycle, as nature does, through the internal tides of life. As a woman navigating the cycle of decay and rebirth into the wise woman years, I integrate ancient practices, intuitively, and with awareness and kindness, so that you to feel supported reclaim your story – the true, powerful, divine feminine power that you are.

Awaken the Divine Feminine

Welcome generous soul.

Thank-you for answering the call, Wild One. Wise One. Maiden. Mother. Sister

In order to carry this forward, it is my hope that you will develop your own practice of alignment with your feminine intrinsic nature.

This is designed with you in mind, the wild, wise and divine feminine soul that is awaiting reclamation. It is my desire that you find this journey and the supporting material soulful, awakening and nourishing, albeit a bite of apple awaits your further exploration, and in doing so to awaken to your true nature.

Almost like a coming home and to inspire you to journey deep into the soil of the great mother, her teachings, her whispers and her tears. Full of tools and contemplative questions,  I hope will inspire you to listen to your intuition and act on it, to gather the courage to be seen and heard and to trust in your power and wisdom. To reframe this work, this is anchored in the world of spiritual feminine where I fuse my work, spiralling as we do cycling as we do, to include folk teachings, Yoga as a means for self care,  feminine archetype, story and green witchery.

 I call it the feminism of the soul.

The sacred feminine aims to answer the question, what is true feminine power. And I hope by the end of this immersion, you feel you have the awakening to delve deeper.

To the ancestors, past, present and future, I thankyou. To my teachers, the goddess queens, especially Jessi Magik, Brie Wollman, and Carrie Anne Fields, to my sisters who continue to inspire me to give more, to my guides and mother earth, and finally to my soul love Bert, I honour you all with such love and gratitude for supporting me to shine this work forward into the world.

So, let’s begin with this module or with the full immersion (which is 6 modules) whichever your journey, I am wild with love to support your sacred feminine journey, together, side by side, joined in heart, body and spirit.


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