Mindfulness Meditation

This beautiful image was taken in a magestic Hindu temple in Bali. This day I meditated in the sanctuary. I needed to find purity, love and acceptance this day. But starting mindfulness and meditation doesn’t mean we have to accept a Mind that is Full! Constantly full of chatter, full of problem solving, planning, being […]

Hips and our emotional wellbeing

Psoas and hip health, being a big player in our emotional wellbeing. Whilst there are Yoga asana to lengthen and open, learn how a holistic Yoga practice can provide freedom for your hips ! Stress can be a major factor but there can be relief !

A note to myself

My Yoga – finding my path Dear external world. I needed to move energy today as I was feeling stuck and worried and irritated, I chose a beautiful Vinyasa inspired by my mentor and goddess teacher Carrie Anne Fields from www.myhealthyoga.com. Carrie reminds me to remain in my body, and to use my body in […]

Yin Sights

Regaining our Feminine Power True energetic Union. When our energy is in balance it is a joyous and uplifting experience, but how often do we really allow ourselves as women to feel and experience … Source: Yin Sights