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Private Career Coaching or a new resume @ Home

Now you can receive empowering support to align your career, around your life-stage. Especially if you are feeling stuck, have been impacted by change and are thinking What Next. Our personalised Private 1:1 Career Strategy sessions may be what your work life soul is craving.

Maybe you have been impacted by organisational change and have been displaced? Maybe you are feeling disconnected to your career purpose and need a full career reboot. Or you simply desire to develop the skills to build a compelling resume and job search plan NOW, to get yourself out there. Whichever your desire, our tailored sessions are underpinned with over 25 years Human Resources, Career Transition coaching and lived experience.

Uplevel your leadership effectiveness

Let me help you develop the insights you need to be a fully realised and effective leader.

You may be new to a leadership role, or a seasoned professional desiring to uplevel your insight. Either way, adopting a 360 view of ourselves and our impact is a way to gain acknowledgement of your strengths and to change your development areas as it relates to your leadership impact and style.

If coaching is to be successful, leaders need to develop a deep appreciation of the factors driving both their ineffective and effective behaviours. 

Effective Leaders “know thy self”.

A career strategy starts with needs

It’s not a matter of just having a resume. Career strategy is about understanding what you need first and foremost, in order to sustain engagement and passion at work. I am a living example of designing a career which supports my energy, my strengths and what I love to do.

Coaching is delivered through your internet-connected device, these 1:1 instruction sessions allow for individualised tuition based on your needs and career stage. 

leadership development starts with insight into the self

Leading business, a team and people is hard work. It’s challenging to know your impact and how you can become more effective in your relationships with people, how they achieve results and how you lead them to do so.

From Good to Great. Kind, Authentic, Self Aware Leaders impact people so that they show up and do their best work!

Not sure of your leadership impact, your style or feeling stressed about how to change or what to change?  Our Leadership Effectiveness coaching, using the LSI (Human Synergistics Diagnostic tool) could be your solution

CAreer Coaching packages

Let's Empower Together

Career Coaching energisers are delivered by Zoom, remote streaming or locally by arrangement.
You will need a device connected to the internet, along with wild curiosity to implement new skills in the context of self managing your career.
Or if you desire a resume, we do that too, without you having to leave your home or office!


I Need Support and I Need It Quick

These 2 hour intensives are specifically designed for you, depending upon your career stage. For example, “I need a resume and I need it quick” or, I am wanting interview coaching and don’t know where to start, or I am not sure, you guide me.

These intentives are underpinned with coaching, (ie developing your skills) across phases of transition and we will select approach. We collaborate, you choose.

Phase 1: Career Stock-take & Self Discovery; Phase 2:  Personal Branding & Marketing; Phase 3: Job Search and Getting your message out (Networking); Phase 4: Interview Skills; Phase 5: Negotiation and entry into your new organisation

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Career Transition Immersion

I want the full experience and I am ready to commit

Being impacted by organisation restructures, change and redundancy is tough. Or if you are feeling, “I want out, and I don’t know where to start”, this full immersion is for you.  These 5 x 2 hour session are themed, focussed and result in practical delivery of your actions, between coaching sessions.

A Career Strategist and Coach empowers and guides you, keeps you accountable and moving forward in your own time, noting actions and self reflection are an essential input.

I provide structure and the tools you need to delve deeper into career purpose starting with self discovery, values and career stock-take, so critical when it comes to gaining clarity on the next career or job target.

As a baseline, I guide you though the 5 modules, of Career Transition (yet these are not stuck in stone), as you may need more time in interview skills or self discovery and strategy. A typical immersion looks like this

Phase 1: Career Stock-take & Self Discovery; Phase 2:  Personal Branding & Marketing; Phase 3: Job Search and Getting your message out (Networking); Phase 4: Interview Skills; Phase 5: Negotiation and entry into your new organisation

* Expires 3 months from purchase (It is not a job placement or resume writing service, it is a career empowerment immersion)

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resume reboot + cover letter

Yes, to a resume overhaul

Sure, you have tried, and nothing seems to be working. You have a clear job target in mind, have all the skills and experience for your dream job, yet you aren’t getting call a look in.

This is very comman.

It’s not you! It is your resume.

This approach is underpinned by you supplying your existing resume in word format, along with having a clear outcome on your work target and industry. If you are unsure, then the 2 hour Career Discovery 1:1 Coaching maybe better for your career stage.

You should also be willing to complete a simple, quick preliminary questionnaire, that you supply along with your resume once your order has been placed.

Then, targeted resume is prepeared by our experienced resume writers who are ex HR Managers or Recuiters. This is supplied to your inbox in 3 days

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Let's Empower YOU AS A LEADER


Sustaining strong relationships with peers and influential “others” – in an organisational setting, is a key balancing factor to achievement of organisations goals – one of a leaders key responsibilities.

When coaching leaders, my work in this area is based on the fundamental belief that when technically competent leaders become personally aware and strengthen their mindset they naturally become more effective, fulfilled and satisfied humans!. Usually what then occurs is the business results naturally fall into place.

If coaching is to be successful, leaders need to develop a deep appreciation of the factors driving both their ineffective and effective behaviours.

The use of a diagnostic tool, coupled with a series of  6 hours of 1:1 intensive debrief coaching and action planning sessions form the basis of the approach.

The Human Synergistics Circumplex  LSI is a diagnostic tool which provides a way to see, measure, and change the thinking and behavioural styles proven to drive the performance of not only individuals, but also groups and organisations.

This forms the basis of the  coaching approach to unlock your LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL


Get this Leadership Effectiveness Package tailored to your needs

Services are not transferable or refundable.

6 month expiry from purchase on all services


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