SUNDARA self paced program

The Lunar Woman

Feminine Practices to align with the Moon and the Seasons

Tuning into natures external cycles

In our human world, women often abandon the sacred ways of the feminine and its natural drives. Most of us, don’t live connected to our essence. We don’t find the time or know how to bloom into a beautiful, full expression of ourselves and their sacred purpose in life.

Women are not linear structures. We are not designed for a world where the over reliance upon masculine energy, culture and systems force us to think we aren’t meant to spiral, to flow, to ebb to peak, to shine and to experience shadow.

This too is nature. Our true nature. Our essence of being a cyclic woman.

Akin to the birth, decay, death and rebirth cycle. To the breathe.

When we give ourselves the space and the time to tune in to the external world of the Lunar and the Seasonal fluctuations, our inner and outer world’s become a lense of self care, intrinsically feminine, and divine in nature.

We realise that the turning of the circles of life in nature, and the moon are just like the breathe.  Expanding and Contracting. Transforming. Letting go

So my loves,

Imagine learning self care practices which are grounded in  the natural order of things!. We can’t breath out, without breathing in.

Awaken Your Heart

The Sundara e-Learning program integrates nature based spirituality practices and Yoga/Movement and Ritual specifically working with understanding the energetics of the 4 main lunar phases and the 4 seasons of our wheel.

Inspiration for this body of work is fuelled from deep within the realms of feminine spirituality and personal journey of transformation. This container is fully immersed from a place of living and breathing along side the Moon and her influences

It’s more than just manifesting or  releasing what no longer serves or charging your crystals at full moon time, in the hope that the energetics of the season or the phase will take care of business. Far from it. It’s a whole cycle of energy we often neglect in favour of just the full moon astrology or new moon intention setting. 

And it’s especially powerful for business planning and reconnecting with your feminine, especially if you are a women who desires to enhance your existing practice or passion side hussle or business with nature somatics.

This approach, like us as women is a cycle, a turning of the seasons, like your breathe, and a practice which requires a mindset curiosity, time to experience the subtle whispers, and an in-ward focus, yet be prepared to act upon you experience, in your own space and time


The Lunar Woman

This self paced container includes 4 core lessons focussed upon learning the energetics of the Moon Phases and the Seasons and practices to support your to implement these insights in day to day life. Our-module e-learning program you can take in your own time and at your own pace.  It’s a journey of personal discovery into the world of the energetics of the Lunar and the Seasons of nature

navigate each of the phases and learn more

The Lunar and the Seasons

4 Phases of the Moon

5 Integration & reflective practices for each moon Phase

4 Guided Audio Meditation journey's

Self paced learning program

The Lunar Woman
e-Learning Course

Allow yourself the space and air to feel, breathe and integrate these learnings from the comfort and pace of your own sanctuary using our secure, sister (user) friendly platform which guides you through instruction and activities in your own time. Each module is carefully crafted and infused with intentions of ease and vitality, wild curiosity and sacred connection. Through working through this magik, you change the vibration as  the codes of sacred feminine energy are within all of us.


Awaken the Divine Feminine Program

Awaken the Divine Feminine Signature Program - Sundara.Yoga

The power of our sacred force is often misunderstood. We are all connected by our energetic archetype and our moon cycle and no matter the stage of your life’s rhythm, it’s important to seek wisdom that is birthed from nature.

This yearning to resonate with nature, beyond western traditions and the material realm.

Release the shackles of tradition and discover a deeper more fulfilling connection to your feminine cycles, through plant medicines, moon cycles, sacral through Yoni awakening and ritual.

THe lunar woman e learn self paced program

The Lunar Woman

Is for you if
  • desire a deeper connection with the natural world
  • you crave self care which supports your body and mind to self regulate
  • you have a curiosity about the lunar, yet are confused about how to practice or align your business with the energetics of the external cycles of life
  • you feel a calling toward re-balancing your masculine, especially if you feel you have been doing, working, striving too much for others and have neglected your feminine essence
  • you just want to and it feels great in your body

Lunar woman sits at home in your well of wonder, your cauldron of care, your tree of life, your moon bathing, waiting for women to embody the wisdom which our ancestors used for living life. since the beginning…..

Especially women, too 

  • if you are a waning women and your internal cycles are changing, and you desire an anchor to ground you, and a pendulum to cycle with once your bleed and energy reaches it’s fullest life force, or you want to regulate your energy to align with the natural world.


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