Our body’s subtle energy chemistry – Chakras

Chakras – our subtle body

Most people have heard these terms, but may not really understand how vital these energy centers are, what they do, or how to activate & balance them.

Each chakra has its own vibration & message, the subtle body chemistry. One of our 5 Kosha’s of the body. (I made a meditation for my Nest online home Yoga community on the Kosha’s of the Subtle body too, it details the layers of the body and how to connect with them).

It is only through awakening & balancing each chakra that we truly enter into wholeness.

The 3 lowers chakras are based in our animalistic natures & survival instincts. The 4 + 1 upper chakras move us towards divinity & the divine source.

Energy gets stuck in the 3 lower chakras and shows up as trauma responses, shame, victimhood, guilt, impatience, ego, selfishness, and control. You cannot ascend through your energy centers without clearing & balancing the lower 3.  There are 8 centers. 7 in the body, one above your head.

Aligning with your own energy

Starting from your base, here is a quick summary of the centres, characteristics, energies & sounds which may be felt when in balance, in harmony in the subtle body.

1st Muladhara – Root chakra: Safety and physical energy. Feelings of grounded-ness. Earth connection. Primal. Often associated with the colour Red. The sound of Bija mantra LAM

2nd Svadhisthana – Sacral chakra: Sometimes called our 2nd brain, a sacred gateway for sexual health, fertility, hormonal system, holding & letting go, creative energy, sensuality. Often associated with the colour orange. The sound of the Bija mantra VAM

3rd Manipura – Solar plexus chakra:  For will power, drive & control, the sense of self. Often referred to as our internal sun. The place of ego. Often associated with the colour Yellow. The sound of the Bija mantra RAM

4th Anahata – Heart chakra: Also called the seat of our soul. Growth & regeneration of the body. Love, inspiration, compassion, gratitude, trust, wholeness. This is where our divinity begins. Often associated with the colour green. The sounds of the Bija mantra YAM

5th Vishuddha – Throat chakra: Expressing your heart center, speaking your truth, finding your voice. Hearing and listening whispers of the heart. Often associated with the colour blue. The sound of the Bija mantra HAM

6th Ajna – Third eye chakra: Releases melatonin & serotonin, pineal gland. This eye, or shifting your view or reality to see behind the illusion of this human experience, the doorway to higher dimensions. The place of alchemy and deep intuition. Often associated with the colour indigo/purple. The sound of the Bija mantra Om/Aum

7th Sahasrara – Crown chakra: master gland that creates harmony throughout your body cascading down through the chakras. Expression of divinity & highest consciousness in human form. Often associated with the colour white or gold. The sound of the Bija mantra Om/Aum

And the lesser known, ( I am just learning about this one too) or referred to

8th chakra is Ka, sometimes called the soul or soul star chakra: This is your connection beyond what you can see. The connection to source. The quantum field. Here you will find healing, knowing, truth.

The seat of awareness is feeling first

If we can’t feel we cannot change! And connecting with your body though practices such as Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, journaling and energy work will help, but first, you should try “connecting” with the centre and therefore forming a relationship with your deeper self.

Moving through your chakras, base first:

  • 1st chakra, establish feelings of safety & security. This will free up your stuck creative energy.
  • This foundational energy will move into your 2nd chakra. Overcome your perceived limitations & environmental conditioning so you can use the primal energy from the 1st chakra, into pure creative force
  • 3rd chakra of power & will. You now have creative energy that you are using. You have successfully overcome challenges & are now growing
  • 4th chakra is where you will start to feel love for yourself & others. You begin to start having the urge to share these feelings
  • This moves you into your 5th chakra. You will begin to verbally express your truth and the love you are feeling
  • Now the nervy is flowing into & activating your 6th chakra. Dormant areas of your brain will begin to awaken. You will start to see new realities as the veil of illusion starts to fade. All starts to flow into balance & harmony
  • Your 7th chakra becomes awakened & energized and you begin to see your connection to the All. You feel worthy of everything
  • You now move into your opened 8th chakra where manifestation occurs, knowing, truth, visions, insights, dreams

Energy continues to move through all awakened & activated chakras in a continuous flow that cycles through. You now move through this life with a strong light field that encompasses your body & keeps you connected to the divine source, to you.

And finally, stagnant stuck energies cannot move higher than where they are. You must release & move through your chakras to evolve into perfect health & state of being and you are in the right place, here at Sundara Virtual Yoga to do just that.

You may wish to try this FREE guided video Meditation to support you to rebalance your Chakras and the softness of the Lunar energies.

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