Yoga student to Teacher – find your joy (again)

The Stuff you don’t get taught that  I wish I had known…

So you have done the work. You have a home practice. You have graduated from Yoga  or Meditation Teacher Training, (YAS to you), but still, you feel stuck and are trying to figure it out… You may be a seasoned Teacher but have lost your JOY and are feeling out of alignment, like you need a reset.

I have been there and there was n0 one really to guide me in a way that felt practical and supportive, like

but how to I actually teach,

how do I market myself,

what do I teach, how do I start,

where do I teach

what systems do I need other than my Yoga sutras, a mat and my candle, if that’s your jam!

There is so much incredible information we are gifted during our teacher training that it can feel overwhelming. It is common for us to feel lost and confused about HOW to actually start teaching, especially now that there are many offerings including online.

Or if you are a seasoned teacher and have fallen into comparisonitis, have burnout or lost your joy for your teaching the thing you were called to do. And that is the spread the word and teachings of Yoga and Meditation.

Yet there are many way’s to define how you work as a teacher. It doesn’t have to be the alignment of trikonasana, with your hips lifted and heart rib line open, or the perfect lotus pose for meditation. It just has to feel right for you.

Need some inspiration?

Here are my TOP 3 tips to get you thinking from confusion to YAS I can…

  1. Have a clear understanding of what you are good at (strengths), and what you like (satisfaction) to teach. Being all things to all people, isn’t only exhausting, but you may hit overwhelm quickly and burn out. This combination of your strengths and what you like to do, gives you alignment. These are the things you BRING to the mat
  2. Have a clear understanding of what you NEED in return.  Your values. Your unique personal qualities. What are your measures of success. Success as a teacher isn’t all about the numbers of students. These are the things you NEED from the mat and your work and without these, we are really never going to be satisfied!
  3. Have a clear picture on HOW you would like to work.  There are many work options for teachers and defining this is super important. Are you a solo prenaurer. Are you a looking for a paid job in terms of a studio/teacher relationship. Are you a hybrid/mix. Are you serious about building your capacity or are you a hobbyist.


Once you have clarity on the first steps of DISCOVERING what you need and what your strengths are, you will be better equipped to start to implement the practical aspects of your teacher vision.

These things include having a clear understanding of, your ideal student, having clear “product/you” to sell, a marketing /social media plan and identifying any gaps you may have such as limitations in technical (IT/Social Media/skill) or a limiting mindset. A lot can be achieved with focused effort and immediate support.

How to make the leap

Learning to release self doubt and fear of being judged, connecting with your authentic voice, having the energy which is directed toward your own and unique teacher vision, is powerful.

In less than 15 minutes, you can jump on a call with me to help you to make sense of where you are at Book your FREE discovery call here.

As a body kind, feminine Yoga Teacher, mentor,  career coach, herbalist and business owner, I have seen many “ah ha” moments when confidence and clarity replaces overwhelm and feeling stuck.

You can take a look further at my Glow up for Yoga & Meditation’ Teachers, a private 1:1 container of support with 1 hour and  3 hour intensives to get you feeling inspired again.

The unique part for you, is that YOU CHOOSE what you need depending upon your stage of transition, investment appetite and time.

I know for me, I sought the support of a Class A +++ Teacher Trainer Business Mentor back in 2017, and outsourced technical stuff (IT & Web) in 2019. I was in a Sirasana funk. And now, I am location independent, I have successfully run sold out International and Australian retreats, workshops and yoga and moon circles for women. And now 2021 I have a business without borders which inspires me every day

I have a beautiful community of people around me support me to thrive. I don’t do it alone.

That is alignment.

Wild Love




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