Womb (Woman’s) Yoga Practices

Let’s redefine Woman’s Yoga

There is a myth. That woman’s yoga practices are fluffy. That they are only focused upon say restorative yoga techniques. Sure, restorative Yoga is beautiful and the energy of surrender is a adopted when we practice Yoga for the feminine. In this practice we explore Bhavati, the inner feeling, the Prani Shakti which is present in all of us.

It is this Bhavati, Prani Shakti, which is the vital life force of compassion, softness and the home of cosmic light.

What is the practice

The practice is designed to enhance the inner feeling of life, the Bhavati, and to do this we combine movement, breathe and gesture which are designed to fully and completely honour a woman’s energy and her unique needs, her body, and her life-force with

  • Womb honoring movement (Asana and physical movement)
  • Kriya (a combination of breathe practices specifically designed for women), hand gestures or mudra and repeated movements which flow and cycle; and
  • Pranayama (breathe regulation practices of retention, inhalation and exhalation) which are designed to either bring awareness and vitality to the body, (especially the heart womb river meridian) or to create a calming and soothing energy for the nervous system.

A short Introduction Practice

If you are looking for a practice which supports you to develop further awareness of Bhavati, the inner feeling of life, this practice will guide you through Pranayama, Kriya and Asana. In this practice you will learn the power of the Golden Thread Breathe and the heart womb river sacred greeting which is a Mudra or dance of the hands. This, combined with a mindset of surrender, is a beautiful way to honour creative, sensual rhythms and give life to softness.

For it is in this softness that we women have the capacity to bring fertile ideas to life. You can access the Free Woman’s Yoga Class here

And I hope you get the opportunity to join me in The Nest and experience the pleasure, creativity, and joy of being in the community as well as practices which support women to grow and learn.

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