Reclamation Ritual

Let’s redefine ritual

We all have them. It’s something we do and experience in our daily life, a routine, something we create, or something that feeds our potential, our soul. A constant. Like the rise of the moon. The sunset. The seasons. Or as simple as a daily practice of mindfulness whilst sipping your coffee? A morning Yoga practice. Forrest Bathing. A birthday celebration. Date night!

For me, I love spiritual practices which revolve around ceremonial spaces and rituals. No surprise I follow the moon and nature. And my teachings are heavily anchored in the practice of earth, nature based spirituality and physical movement such as walking and Yoga Asana.

A short ritual reclamation practice

For a moment, sit and hold space, breathe. Root in and let our heart be fully open to experience the feeling in your body.

Now, visualize a memory, a ‘thing’, a situation, when you felt most seen, powerful, alive. Where was it, what were the circumstances. What were you doing? When was it?



Breathe again

Anchor the image in your heart and intuitively feel your WORD. What describes this greatest power. Your powerful essence and journal upon this.

This is the beginnings of you honouring your greatest power.

And during our Nest New Moon Circle, a monthly call for our sisterhood called the Nest, we will be exploring the theme of Reclamation, using Ritual and Meditation and working with the Libra New Moon.

I hope you get the opportunity to join me in The Nest and experience the pleasure, creativity, and joy of being in the community as well as this Ritual and Meditation event. The event is FREE as part of the membership.

Wild Love




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